Ethan Couch Sentenced to Probation, No Jail Time After DUI Crash Left Four Dead

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Ethan Couch, 16, was sentenced to 10 years' probation but no jail time this week, following a drunk driving accident that left four people dead.

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    so many times these little rich white kids has gotten away with murder. but a black kid can get 10yrs for punching because he's poor. also ethan's defense attorneys said that he wouldn't survive in jail. then in that case he should have learned how to fight. how many black and hispanics are locked for years for lesser crimes than this one


    We need a real life Dexter and the gulf coast current.


    The average Joe would be behind bars for 20 years. Justice blind in this case...this judge should be removed.


    ..................and, as if to add insult to injury, "if he has one misstep at all, then this judge, or an adult judge when he's transferred, can then incarcerate him." Can or WILL incarcerate him?


    Can the author please take a few classes in writing and journalism? Money should not be able to buy justice in this country, but it clearly does. The parents of said tender snowflake need to be held accountable for their part in all of this. A hefty dose of reparations to the families might go along way to cure their affluenza however, Tender Snowflake Ethan needs some serious jail time. Ten years of probation teaches him money will get you out of anything, even murder. What difference does it make if Ethan was using a car or a Colt 45 to kill these people? They are just as dead. Being drunk behind the wheel of a car is brandishing a lethal weapon with intent to use it.


    I keep trying to put myself in someone else's shoes to try to see this objectively and clearly.
    If it were my son, would I hope the judge made this decision to "spare" him because he was just a kid? Yes, yes I would. The difference is that I AM an excellent and very active parent, I am not priveleged and neither are my children, we have little money left over at the end of every week. Therefore, it is highly unlikely my son would be "spared." That is one of the biggest injustices here...not the sentence itself, but the fact that it is one that is consistently handed down only to the wealthy elite. The sad fact is, and law reinforces it daily, the elite have different rules. This judge feels, as do all who make this kind of decision, that this rich kid's life is so important that instead of punishing him for killing four likely middle-income people, we can use up a little bit of his parents money to put him in an elite rest home for a few years and give them a break from having to be parents, and him a break from being able to do whatever the heck he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. The survivors of those killed paid the ultimate price for parents who weren't parents and those killed paid with their lives for a kid who has the best education money can buy, but apparently doesn't know right from wrong, which developmentally, children firmly grasp by the age of 4 whether they attend a Head Start Program or an elitist day school. Really, really, really sad.

    @ fuzzled

    Very well said!!


    What the hell???? Ok I can see it was a accident..... But we're taught you do something wrong you get punished for it ... All this did was show if you have money you get away with misbehaving and the law is nothing to you. Not to mention the fact the message it sends to teens about drinking.. Four people died and two injured , one who can no longer talk or walk..... C'mon judge....

    @ Natassja

    He was DRUNK!!! Accidents happen to sober people.


    So, for the kids raised in poverty with drug addicted parents, will the same rules apply?... Somehow I think not... So it books down to money. Sounds like the judge may have had some bias here.


    Affluenza? So we're supposed to use wealth as a justification for poor parenting? No that's no excuse.
    What the court is telling the child is that, what you did is not your fault and that it's okay to drink and drive because if you do get caught, all you have to do is pull the wealthy parents card. How pitiful


    When you do something illegal common sense tells you there are going to be consequences, you drink and drive, who doesn't know it's wrong?

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