7 Dumb Questions People Ask on Facebook Instead of Google

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The Internet is a glorious, hilarious place where people ask all of their dumbest questions with absolutely no filter at all. And believe us, there are totally dumb questions.

These people also seem never to have heard of Google, which makes it even better. Or worse? You be the judge.

This Facebook user wants to get "read" of cats:

Can Cats Read

I have only the following in response:

Cat Reading

Keep going for more of the dumbest questions people have asked on the Internet.

In all fairness, maybe this person has kids. Or nieces and nephews. Or neighbors who are children. Maybe.

Magnets In Nose

RIP Jack, who was too dumb to paddle over to the next piece of driftwood and not die!


Telling time is not this person's strong suit. Clocks are tricky, yo!

New Years

TLC called. There's a show for this:

How To Tell You're Pregnant

This person's giving Jessica Simpson a run for her money:

Chicken Calories

Math fail. 

Fifty Percent Off

Add this site to your bookmarks for the next time you come across one of these gems: Let Me Google That For You

Let Me Google That For You
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People like these piss me off, but whenever I feel dumb, this link makes me absolutely delighted xD. Some people actually believe the Earth is 2,013 + years old! Based off of these stupid people, I think we're going to go extinct by jumping off buildings, thinking we can fly.




what's the difference?
.......Dumb & Dumber?