Duck Dynasty Cast: The Rule Breakers of 2013!

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Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, in a case of ironic timing, covers The Hollywood Reporter's new issue celebrating Rule Breakers of 2013.

The cover came out just hours after the suspension of Phil Robertson, whose controversial comments in GQ have taken over the Internet this week.

Willie Robertson Cover

Long before that scandal erupted and left many wondering if A&E will cancel Duck Dynasty, THG picked them as the top Rule Breakers of 2013.

Thus, there is no mention of Phil or the anti-gay comments that got him suspended and put the show's future in limbo, making a new issue feel dated.

Willie Robertson, 41, one of Phil's four sons, says he isn't all that surprised that Duck Dynasty has become the No. 1 unscripted show on television.

"It's a combination of faith, the positive and the family aspect, and it's funny," he says.

Jase Robertson, 44, adds, "We just kind of do what we do, and people identify with that."

Jep Robertson, 35, jokes "it doesn't hurt that our wives are, like, super, super pretty."

Willie explains why Duck Dynasty is unlike any other reality show on television. "I thought when you became a celebrity there were no rules."

"I think we've broken about every rule in television. This is not the way you would normally look and dress, for sure. I break a lot of dress code rules."

"Shockingly, I was the only guy in a bandana at the White House Correspondent's Dinner."

All jokes aside, the Robertsons are proud to share their lives, and their strong Christian values, with an average of 10 million viewers per week.

That's evident in their statement regarding their future in light of the controversy surrounding Phil, who is now on indefinite suspension from the series.

Reading between the lines of the Robertsons' statement? He goes, the show goes.

"If they try to emulate [the positive and faith], I think that's good," says Willie. "If everyone wants to do good, clean television, I think that's what we need."

Will A&E get it from the Robertsons after the events of the past week? Should it?

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A white religious God fearing person either male or female are supposed to not have a right to a point of view while living on this earth especially in the good old U S OF A.----What are companies like this saying if you aren't gay or an atheist or some one like this you don't count for anything. WELL The last history lesson I rember in school which I admit was quiet a while ago was white straight GOD fearing men were the ones who carved this country out of the wilderness, am I not right on this. How about giving the Phil Robertsons of this world a little bit of this freedom back that was fought so hard for by our fore fathers. Its called freedom of speech .



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