Caroline Berg Eriksen, Fitness Blogger, Under Fire For Post-Baby Underwear Selfie

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Norwegian soccer wife and fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen is under fire for sharing a photo of her flat stomach four days after giving birth.

Yes, four days.

Needless to say, the image went viral on Instagram, and many who saw it were not pleased. In a matter of days, Eriksen was the new Maria Kang.

"This is not a selfie. It is an act of war," wrote one Australian blogger in response. "This whole situation has become ludicrous. There is no other word for it."

"The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE."

Eriksen posted the photo of herself on Instagram, along with the caption, "I feel so empty… 4 days after birth," rapidly igniting the online backlash.

"Women are sick of this omnipresent pressure to get our bodies back," wrote another blogger in response to the picture, which she called a "toxic message."

"When you're juggling a newborn's needs, running on no sleep and trying to take care of yourself," the critic added, this is undue and unreasonable pressure.

Twitter users called Eriksen, the wife of soccer star Lars-Kristian Eriksen, and her abs "intimidating," "unhelpful," "obviously a freak," and "unfair to all women."

Is that taking it a little too far, though? Some would say so.

Caroline Berg Eriksen Photo

Australian Telegraph writer Sarrah Le Marquand offered a more balanced review of the situation, tweeting that yes, Eriksen is a "shameless exhibitionist."

However, "slamming the super-fit and genetically freakish likes of [Eriksen]" is also casting judgment, and moms "are faced with far too much of that already."

Prenatal nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Melinda Johnson also warns against jumping to conclusions here.

"Obviously, what we're looking at is someone who is genetically gifted," she tells Yahoo Shine. "But we can't say she's unhealthy, we can't say [what] she is."

The picture alone is of one woman on the Internet, and "doesn't tell us anything at all about her health, the health of her pregnancy [or] even her happiness."

On Instagram itself, the controversial photo of the fit mom has been "liked" more than 21,000 times and counting, and comments have been overwhelmingly positive.

There, Berg Eriksen supporters note, "U rock girl! I have three kids and I'm a blimp," "Body envy is an ugly thing," "I applaud you," and "Beautiful!"

Love it or hate it, the photo of this mom and her washboard stomach is just the latest online blowup in the ongoing discussion of pregnancy and body image.

From Fit Mom and CrossFit Mom to the scrutinizing narrative about Kate Middleton and other celebrities' post-baby bodies, the debate remains heated.

Don't look for the tensions to subside anytime soon, either.

What do you think of Caroline Berg Eriksen's photo?


My first pregnancy I couldn't gain a lot of weight due to extremely high metabolism. I left the hospital looking like Caroline. You couldn't tell I had a baby, no baby pouch, totally flat, size zero pants. My second, third and fourth pregnancies all were different, since I was 6 older with my last my metabolism naturally changed and I did have to work for my weight loss. Every single person, body and pregnancy is different. You don't know the whole story.


Wow. A uterus-less pregnancy. I'm amazed. Because no matter what shape a woman is in, perfectly tight and toned or not, the uterus shrinks at roughly the same rate, and hers is somehow seemingly totally and completely absent after just 4 days...things that make you go hmmm

@ l

i agree. i think she looks totally beautiful and amazing, but a woman's uterus is not elastic... it makes me wonder...


I looked like that after my son was born. I Was back in my pre pregnancy clothing in under a week. Breastfeeding also does wonders to shrink you back down. Being fit before doesn't hurt either. Good for her!


Really everyone Is flipping out on a new mom that got up and got active because she didn't want to have all that excess weight. And really you guys are "hating" on her for wearing a nice push up bra with boobs full of f***ing milk and saying that they are implants just because you are flat as a flat tire and can hide behind a computer screen. If you haven't realized yet picking on someone even if not in person is still a form of bulling that I'm pretty sure all moms are against.... am I right? So leave this new mom alone and get back to your boring lives that I guess you have since your hiding behind a computer screen and picking on whoever you can find who has a happy moment that they want to share with their friends or maybe the world.


Shaming someone for being skinny is just as bad as shaming someone for being obese. Grow up, people.


Good for her. While I personally think pretty much all "selfies" are just in poor taste, I harbor no hate for this woman or her body. I'm pregnant right now, and I can only hope that I am able to continue living a healthy lifestyle after baby is born. Obviously I have no expectations of being in bikini shape within 4 days, but it is definitely important to me that I not only live a healthy lifestyle for myself, but also for my family to provide a positive example. Being a mom will never be easy, but I truly believe a healthy mom is a happy mom :)


She looks great. I'm a bigger woman, but if I looked like THAT, hell yea I'd post that shit to the internet.


I don't believe it. It has probably be photo shopped.


If I look like that after I give birth to my will be damned sure I'll be posting a selfie like hers...good for her people need to stop hating...yes every pregnancy is different and she is just very lucky to look like that shortly after having a baby...I'm glad she did because you know what...I wouldn't believe a woman could look so good after having a baby unless I saw proof!


How do you know her breasts are fake? When you get pregnant your boobs fill with milk which makes them huge....there is nothing wrong with being happy after birth. She looks amazing. All the haters are just jealous and unhappy with themselves. Grow up..get up off your ASSES and work out. I'm happy for her!!

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