Caroline Berg Eriksen, Fitness Blogger, Under Fire For Post-Baby Underwear Selfie

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Norwegian soccer wife and fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen is under fire for sharing a photo of her flat stomach four days after giving birth.

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    Look...I don't have a rockin' body and I struggle with body image tremendously, but...this is her body. She's not shaming. Let her be who she is...don't get mad because you aren't her. Just embrace who you are and encourage others to be who they are. :)



    People need to stop criticizing, this woman looks good for only having her baby 4 days ago. I say good for her!


    I think she looks great! Not all women can look like that after pregnancy, we are all different! I definitely didn't look good after.. Still don't, four years later! She's lucky. I'm sure the jealousy sparks hate and makes women angry over this but they shouldn't let it bother them. They should be happy for her and if they are unhappy with the way they look, they can work on changing it. People get angry for all of the wrong reasons!


    She gives me an inspiration to work hard and eat more healthy. Congrats to her.


    I think she looks amazing after having her baby 4 days later, some ppl don't even have the motivation to work out after giving birth to there child. They would rather sit and do nothing, So thumbs up to caroline for having the motivation to be fit and have a healthy life.


    People really need to worry about more important things in life!I can honestly say I had the hardest time lossing my prego weight , who cares she looks amazing and if I looked like that 4 days after giving birth I would post pics too! People are so judgemental and rude half of these people that are judging her would kill to look like this.STOP HATING! You look great!


    This image does not shame other women. If people feel the need to lash out at this woman then they are doing it out of their own fears and insecurities. Who cares if she has a flat stomach?? We can't all be the same. And thank goodness we aren't. So just stop hating and mind your own business. :) Have a nice day.

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