Carol Alt Disses Kate Upton: She's a Large-SIze Model!

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Long before Kate Upton covered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in back to back years, Carol Alt took the cover of the annual issue in 1982.

Three decades and 500 magazine appearances later, the 52-year-old is still at it, and she looks amazing on the cover of Galore this month. Beautiful.

Less beautiful? Her opinion of Kate Upton, whom she dissed as "a product of great media hype" and a "large size model." Ouch. The claws are out!

"Without Sports Illustrated, I’m not sure she would’ve made it in the industry as a high fashion model. Because she is more of a large size model," Alt says.

"And even if I’ve seen her in person, and I don’t think she’s in any way fat or overweight or anything. She is just more large-size than fashion models are."

"I think Kate is very good at hmmmm, how do I put it? She’s engaging. She comes to the set prepared to work, and in a good mood, she engages her client."

She sure does. We are engaged with Kate Upton bikini photos. Big time.

Carol Alt Photos
Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Issue Cover

"She looks at herself as a business. To expand more on that thought, what I’m trying to say is: after she got herself into Sports Illustrated. She wasted no time."

"[Kate Upton] put together a team of people: agents, managers & publicists that were ready to go regardless of whether or not she got the cover."

"They were willing to take the chance. Once she got the cover she was already in a position to move forward. Of course, the cover was just a fluke."

"Because nobody knows who gets the cover. But she looks at herself as a business, and I admire that,” Alt told Galore, making her praise clear.

Still, is her praise more of a backhanded compliment? Or is it a fair critique, positively or not, of how Kate Upton has come to own this planet?

Share your comments, and watch the Kate Upton Cat Daddy video, below!


I'm sure any guy here knocking Kate Upton or just her body in particular has better at home, right? Yeah, sure you do. Better than 33-25-36 and a face than breaks your heart and leaves you weak in the knees? You must have forgotten the commercial she did for Carl's Jr., or just never saw it. Not many women I've seen on television have ever snapped my head around the way she did the first time I saw her. If she didn't do it for you there, then most likely no woman will. Runway models are skin and bone - not nearly as sexy or attractive. Look at the top 100 women in Maxim or Men's magazine, none of the skin and bone models will be there, but Kate Upton will.


Girl is voluptuous but not classy. She's built like an appliance. No hips, no waist, chubby stomach, no muscle tone AT ALL!
All people are looking at are her super large boobs (which will look like large fried eggs in a few years) and her "come get me, I'm ready" face and attitude.
No way in the world she could be a fashion model. She's just a marketing product.
The fact that overweight women would like to look like her doesn't mean she could be a fashion model.


She is absolutely correct. You need to view this from a fashion perspective not your own. To most she looks healthy with curves etc but in fashion there are standards that they go by. She is a large model, she didnt say fat but large. No way in hell would she have been able to land Vogue without Sports Illustrated and she marketed herself perfectly. I personally think she has no business doing high fashion gigs and she's more of a celebrity/personality like Cara D then a legitimate model.

@ Oscar

Exactly! Kate is very curvy and a tad large...for a model. In the real world, she is probably considered thin. Most models are size 00, and Kate is certainly not that. She looks like a size 4. Not sure why Carol is talking about Kate(maybe she is looking for her own attention), but everything she said is 100% true.

@ Rayna

Hey dumbass, Upton is NOT 'curvy!!!' She's built like a refrigerator.


Large sized model? wow really? because I would definitely aspire to look more like Kate Upton than most of those "high fashion models" who look like they eat a carrot stick for dinner. So because the girl has hips and breasts, she's large sized? WTF? I thought the hour glass shape was considered sexy. I have a similar shape to Kate upton....and I definitely do not wear a large....haha

@ Stella

Stella, maybe it's because you are big. She really is a plus size model and she should own it. Make other girls who are bigger feel that it's ok to be bigger

@ Jaye

are you kidding me Jayne? "make other girls who are bigger feel that it's okay to be bigger" who the heck said they aren't already okay with that? and by implying Stella is big doesn't make you any thinner. may i ask what your size is? don't dish it out id you can't take it yourself thanks.


I think what she was trying to get at is that Kate Upton is a conventional beauty. There is nothing inspiring about a blond-haired, blue-eyed, big breasted woman being considered a beauty and covering fashion magazines. I'm more inspired by Lara Stone or Coco Rocha who would be considered weird-looking in real life, but who manage to be beautiful through being interesting.


Looking at the photos provided of Ms Alt I'd have to say she's two thin, I hate the sunken cheek bone look and bony kneecaps. Ms. Upton while this other model says is a large size model, looks like a real HEALTHY woman. I'd pick Upton any day over a half starved little stick.


she is just jealous on her vagina, folks!!


Me wanna be a LARGE size model!!! LOL

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