Boyfriend Proposes to Six-Year Old: Will You Be My Stepdaughter?

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This is one of the sweetest stories you'll ever read.

Last week in Flint, Michigan, Shana Warner received the surprise of her lifetime when boyfriend Jeff asked her to marry him.

Warner said yes, but then the couple decided they didn't want Shana's six-year old daughter, Ally, to feel left out… so Jeff got down on one knee and proposed to her as well!

The following photo, snapped by Shana, captures Jeff asking Ally to be his stepdaughter:

"Mommy got a ring and mommy got proposed to, so we just wanted her to feel very included in our family," Warner told MailOnline Sunday.

Jeff, 34, asked for Shana hand in marriage at his birthday party a week ago.

On Saturday, mother took daughter to see Santa at a store in Frankenmuth when Jeff made his unexpected, loving gesture.

"Santa was about to let her go when Jeff got down on one knee and asked her," Shana said. 'She was in awe, she thought it was amazing. At first, she was just really overwhelmed and then finally she said "yes.'"

What a terrific story. It even beats this flash mob proposal.

Be My Stepdaughter?

You people always gotta turn something sweet and harmless into a fucking big ass thing that is blown all out of proportion. He's asking her permission to be her STEP DAD, which is something I find to be really considerate for her because I wouldn't just want a new man my mom married telling me what to do. Think about how she was feeling. You're all some perverted fucks.


Everyone else might think this story is sweet, I think it's creepy as Hell. No grown-a$$ man has any business proposing ANYTHING to a 6-year-old girl. And Mama is stupid if she doesn't see it. Find little 6-year-old a therapist, she's gonna need one...


That was SWEET! He asked for permission to be her STEPDAD.. he respects his girl AND her kid! Some people and there dirty minded comments I swear.


what the hell is wrong with you people you are the ones with the dirty minds i guess you like it if he dint include her i dont get it i think it sweet


How sick you people are? Why should he rape her? Why can't he make a good Dad? Or all the men in the US are pedophiles???


Pedo alert! While she's sitting on Santas lap, to boot! I would not take a photo if I was the mother - I'd grab my daughter, and run like hell! This is not cute or special, it's wrong on every level!


..........did he copy my idea?


Grooooosssss!!!! Spit in this cup for some candy sweetie "daddy " will make it feel good


You know that white guy is gunna try to stick his Dickie in her mouth at least once or twice . This story is fucking gross . Bald old white man raping a child promising to rape a child .

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