Barron Hilton Attacker to Be Arrested?

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Ray LeMoine, the man who knocked out Paris Hilton's brother Barron Friday will be arrested, according to reports. Looks like a matter of when, not if.

LeMoine admitted he assaulted Barron Hilton, punching him in the face during a mansion party in Miami last week, though he says Barron struck first.

He also denies Lindsay Lohan was involved in the whomping.

For his part, Barron claims the star ordered the "hit" on him and watched it go down, and his famous older sister Paris put Lindsay on blast on Twitter.

In any case, Ray could end up in cuffs before too long.

Law enforcement sources say officials now believe they have "probable cause" to arrest Ray and will most likely make their move in the near future.

Barron claims Lindsay orchestrated the attack because she thought he was talking smack about her at the party. LeMoine claims Lindsay is innocent.

Barron not only wants to press charges, but wants to sue both Lindsay and Ray. Lohan's father, Michael, claims she is innocent. Why? See below ...


What a weenie! Like paris,lol.......


what will this change?(LiLo in jail?)


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