Amanda Bynes: Lucky to Be ALIVE!

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Amanda Bynes says she is lucky to be alive. Or at least the star might say that if she were actually quoted by a tabloid. It is probably the case ...

The below cover, courtesy of In Touch, gives the impression of a tell-all interview with the actress, which clearly did not happen. It's all speculation.

But one thing is for sure, whether she was quoted or not:

Since leaving a Los Angeles rehab facility following stays in two different psychiatric hospitals, Amanda Bynes is getting a second chance at life.

In that respect, In Touch is far from off the mark here.

As she begins the slow, painful process of rebuilding her life, sources say she is committed to "working on herself" and rebuilding what she once had.

“She realizes how erratic she was acting before and is well aware that it was not a healthy lifestyle for her,” says an alleged Bynes family insider.

“Amanda understands that treatment is necessary."

Lucky to Be Alive

Bynes was released from rehab after spending months there and in the hospital after setting a random person's driveway on fire back in the summer.

Prior to that, she made headlines with a DUI arrest, another arrest for tossing a bong of out her apartment window, and countless bizarre incidents.

You don't need a fake tabloid interview to know that going to the hospital and seeking help for mental issues could only have been a good thing.


I think Amanda should write a book.


I think Amanda should write a book.


Lastly, most in Hollywood don't actually live in Hollywood. Hollywood today is not the Hollywood of old or the Hollywood that tourists dream of. It's gross. There's hardly a studio to be found in Hollywood now. "Hollywood" is somewhere else, but the locals won't tell you where, because we actually enjoy seeing Ben Affleck at the Thai restaurant and Britney Spears with her kids at the park. Good luck finding them. Evens the paps have difficulty.


Amanda should stay in acting, because Irvine wont be a good town for her either. She is a good actress, and shouldnt be ashamed, cause much of Hollywood, has had to get mental help before. Including Robert Downey Jr., who is now the highest paid actor, and straightened himself out. Stay in Hollywood and acting and show everybody, you can make it.

@ Jjim+Snoughtgrass

Amanda Bynes is not living in Irvine. Many articles state where she lives, but out of respect for her privacy, both mine and hers, since I live in the same town, I won't share. Secondly, Robert Downey jr and Amanda Bynes are different people with different problems. RDJ had a drug addiction, got sober, and retuned to Hollywood. Amanda Bynes has a mental illness, complicated by drug usage. While sober, her illness is not "cured" while RDJ was so to speak. Third, she does not want to return to acting and has not wanted to act for some time. I think adjusting to life and acceptance of her "new normal" is enough for now.

@ Mellissa

Good for her! I have had a few friends over time that have had similar experiences. It was difficult and heartbreaking enough without the complications of everyone gawking due to being famous. I hope she does well and enjoys normal life. *hollywood* sucks the joy and life out of so many people.

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