Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors: Did He and Boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi Break Up?

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Rumors that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay and has broken up with boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi - who doubled as Rodgers' "personal assistant" - are making the rounds on the Interwebs.

According to Lanflisi's Twitter account, something's definitely going down with his love life. But is it his relationship with Rodgers that he's referring to?

In September, Kevin Lanflisi tweeted:

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 1

Supposedly, Rodgers was one of the four gay NFL players who were set to come out over the summer, but the football star backed out at the last minute.

This alleged turn of events seems to have hurt his relationship with Lanflisi on both a personal and professional level.

Lanflisi has been the Super Bowl champion's plus-one at more than one awards ceremony, including the ESPYs in July.

Neither has shown up to such events with a female companion.

Aaron Rodgers Photo
Kevin Lanflisi Picture

While that on its own may not be enough evidence to say whether Aaron Rodgers is gay, many have cited his conversation with MilwaukeeMag - when he said he judges people based on how they treat Kevin, who is "not a famous person" - as proof that the two are more than friends.

In the days following Rodgers' 30th birthday (December 2), Lanflisi took to Twitter to share more cryptic messages with his followers.

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 2
Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 3
kevin lanflisi tweet 4

Additionally, Kevin Lanflisi announced that he has a new roommate now: His sister.

Rodgers hasn't commented on the latest questions about his sexuality. Given Robin Roberts' mostly warm reception to coming out, now might be a good time if he's ready to take that step. 

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UPDATE: In an interview on Tuesday, December 31, Rodgers discussed the rumors briefly, saying he is not gay and adding "I really like women."


Lets not forget Troy Aikman


Aaron is not married after breaking off his engagement early this year

@ my+opinion

And the original story broke on dec 22, before the bears game.


Aaron is married. This is a desperate attempt of some whiney Niners fan, at creating drama before the big game. Lame.

@ Melissain08

aaron is not married.

@ Melissain08

Aaron isn't married.


Kevin did not out Aaron. Someone with nothing better to do put together tweets over the past few months and brought it to a websites attention. Does it look like he could be hinting at a gay relationship, yes, but you cannot just assume. The only thing I find curiois about this sitiuation is Kevin obviously knows about the storm of rumors and has since removed some pictures but did not deny anything. Why would he go thru the trouble of removing these photos people are calling evidence then not deny the rumors with a simple tweet? That just makes things look worse.

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