Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors: Did He and Boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi Break Up?

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Rumors that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay and has broken up with boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi - who doubled as Rodgers' "personal assistant" - are making the rounds on the Interwebs.

According to Lanflisi's Twitter account, something's definitely going down with his love life. But is it his relationship with Rodgers that he's referring to?

In September, Kevin Lanflisi tweeted:

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 1

Supposedly, Rodgers was one of the four gay NFL players who were set to come out over the summer, but the football star backed out at the last minute.

This alleged turn of events seems to have hurt his relationship with Lanflisi on both a personal and professional level.

Lanflisi has been the Super Bowl champion's plus-one at more than one awards ceremony, including the ESPYs in July.

Neither has shown up to such events with a female companion.

Aaron Rodgers Photo
Kevin Lanflisi Picture

While that on its own may not be enough evidence to say whether Aaron Rodgers is gay, many have cited his conversation with MilwaukeeMag - when he said he judges people based on how they treat Kevin, who is "not a famous person" - as proof that the two are more than friends.

In the days following Rodgers' 30th birthday (December 2), Lanflisi took to Twitter to share more cryptic messages with his followers.

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 2
Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 3
kevin lanflisi tweet 4

Additionally, Kevin Lanflisi announced that he has a new roommate now: His sister.

Rodgers hasn't commented on the latest questions about his sexuality. Given Robin Roberts' mostly warm reception to coming out, now might be a good time if he's ready to take that step. 

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UPDATE: In an interview on Tuesday, December 31, Rodgers discussed the rumors briefly, saying he is not gay and adding "I really like women."


What a flaming faggot...fuck green bay and Rodgers!!!


Oh, and I see proof against them being gay...not for it. The last tweet says "and have extra money in my pocket, damn, I'd fall back in love with me, too". Idk of you guys know this...but being a qb as good as Aaron Rodgers, the last thing he would worry about if the money in his "lovers" pocket...the guy is rich...so I don't see how that could be meant for him...

@ Randy

Kevin was talking about the money in his pocket not Aaron's. Kevin's not rich, so he has to spend his money on his significant other, whoever that might be. Most people are looking at his twitter account and they don't see a personal relationship with someone special other than Aaron Rodger's. So they jump to conclusion, as to who else could he be talking about. He could clear things up with one interview. No reason to be silent unless you don't want to lie.


Just an fyi for the people saying he is the best qb, and the random guy saying he is 2nd, behind brady, sorry to tell ya, Peyton os #1 right now. I hate Peyton Manning, but right now, he is. And then, as a Bengals fan, I beleive my main ginger, Andy Dalton, is rising at number 2. If not yet, soon.

@ Randy

well see if your boy Andy Dalton is so good in 2 days when they take on my chargers! GO BOLTS


there is so much 'smoke' here one can almost see the 'fire!' its beginning to be old hat for these wanabee's 'coming out' first hinting; becoming ambiguous and then denying they are gay! HOWEVER, they will come to the fore sometime in the future and declare they are gay! Might I mention Zach Quito(?) Miller (Jail Break ) and now Robin Roberts who were rumored to be gay, but denied it (at first) but later on 'came out!' Actually, I don';t think it will hurt him one bit to come out. Just say'en.


Of course he's straight -- he's dating Manti T'eo's ex!

@ BoredOne

that's funny.


Who cares if AR is a pickle sniffer, this is 2014, not 1914. The guy is still human and is still the 2nd best QB in the NFL behind Tom Brady (No pun intended when I said "Behind Tom Brady". I'd think it was awesome if the dude was gay, good for him. There's too many ignorant asses in this world that make too much of a big deal just because a guy likes another guy or a chick likes another chick, grow the fuck up people...


Who cares if he is gay.Ignorant people


Give the new name "Packer Backer"


I for one, am surprised, but not disappointed, if it is true. Why judge if he is? It's his life. He's a superb quarterback for the Packers, and that's what matters. Nothing else, is anyone's business but his own.


Fudge packer...

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