13 Best Taylor Swift GIFs; There's One For Everything!

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Oh, Taylor Swift, you go through boyfriends like regular people go through underwear and you leave a trail of awkward in your wake.

Awkward which the Internet captures in perfect and amazing gif format to be used forever and ever and ever.

Here are the 13 Best Taylor Swift Gifs​, as chosen by, well, me.

#1: Taylor Swift is totally a "Woo" girl. You know the ones, right? In clubs, when slightly intoxicated, they believe that dancing with their arms in the air instantly makes them the most attractive girls in the place. Yep. That's TSwift.

This gif is useful when you're excited and you just can't hide it.

Taylor Swift Love to Dance

Click through for more Taylor Swift gifs for every occasion.

#2: This is absurd! No really! ABSURD.

Taylor Swift Absurd

#3: The potentially passive-aggressive kiss-blowing gif. Useful when you want to say thank you without really saying thank you.

Taylor Swift Blows Kisses

#4: You make her want to scream, you guys! 

Taylor Swift Screaming

#5: Taylor Swift would like to show you how to twirl a skirt.

Taylor Swift Twirls

She should probably look out for Kenya Moore, who invented skirt-twirling.

Kenya Moore on Confidence

#6: This totally rocks!! Taylor Swift is a hard rocker! SEE?

Taylor Swift Goes Punk

#7: Attitude! This is PATHETIC. Just pathetic. (Second cousin to the "This is absurd" gif.)

Taylor Swift Pathetic

#8: I mean, sometimes you just need to make a heart with your hands. Say "I love you" without saying a word.

Taylor Swift Heart Hands

#9: Taylor Swift shows Blaine Anderson what to do with all those bowties he wears. The little smirk and giggle at the end is adorbs, right?

Taylor Swift Bowtie

#10: Awkward "hi"! For when you have to say "hi" but you'd really rather not.

Taylor Swift Says Hi

#11 & 12: Taylor Swift loves to sing and dance at awards shows. Like, REALLY loves. The people sitting around her? Yeah, they don't seem nearly as enthusiastic. And is she saying "Sex and shiver"?? And could she look any more un-sexy while saying it?

Taylor Swift Sings At the Grammy Awards
Taylor Swift Singing at CMAs

#13: Taylor Swift has a great laugh. No really, we mean it. It's great.

Taylor Swift Laughing

BONUS Taylor Swift gifs! ​These are classic!

This sweetheart has a potty mouth!

Taylor Swift VMA Cursing

And she's taken a page from the Miley Cyrus Twerking handbook!

Taylor Swift Twerking

And she does not approve of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Like, at all.

Taylor Swift: Grossed Out By Jelena Kiss

But she does approve of Justin Timberlake. (But really, who doesn't?)

Justin Timberlake Winning GIF

"Oh, Taylor Swift, you go through boyfriends like regular people go through underwear." So, so very rude and incredibly incorrect. Taylor admitted that she's only had two boyfriends since 2010. Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles. Also, why must you shame her for dating in her twenties? She's a young girl experiencing life and love in the spotlight and is widely hated for that sole reason. If she were a man who dated different women on a daily basis, no one would be batting an eye. Grow up and leave the girl alone. P.S - Taylor was named the top charitable celebrity of 2013, but I mean who cares about that anyways, she dated that one boy band member a whole year ago, so I guess that's all that really matters.


This is such a rude articile and doesnt even make any fucking sence. Im a fan of Taylor but and human being would know what the fucking difference from funny and disrespect is. I used to like reading hollywood gossips articles but, im not reading this shit ever again. Everybody fucking knows she hasnt dated some those guys and for you to be promoting the she dated "every guys on this planet" well, you are no lower then the shit the raised you. FUCK YOU THE HOLLOYWOOD FUCKING LIFE!


See why she relates to Tweens and teens as she comes across as very immature.


More STD's than TS, that should be a new shirt - imagine the stank in her gash? So many guys have been there! Eww lol


Please just die you cunt, you are the most hated twat in the world so just kill yourself and make Everyone happy

@ DicknoseGermanotta

She never dated every guy on the planet you fucking piece of shit. Are that idiotic to believe every fucking thing the media fucking tells you?

@ DicknoseGermanotta

From the tone of your remarks you are obviously looking in the mirror.

@ misogyny_much

If I was looking in the mirror I would say look at that great big cock! I would love to beat TS to death with my great big cock, leave mushroom marks all over her face


what a talented, classy young woman. don't change ever. you are amazing.


Yeah. Taylor has a great laugh..
So likable to hear her.
She's way too great. Love her!

@ gail

I would like to see her laugh when she has me cock rammed down her dirty throat, I would also like to shit in her mouth


That #7 gif is perfect answer for this constant boyfriend shaming. Will we ever see something similar about Harry Styles although she has new girl every week+ doing some strippers when time are tough. No. Male privilege. Only girls must be shamed! Remember that kids.

@ Joe

You're my favourite. Thanks for saying this. This whole Taylor-Swift-Slut-Shaming-Bandwagon-Because-She-Dated-A-Boy-Band-Member is getting real old.


Im Taylors biggest fan and noone can say im not !!!!!!!!!


The 'so many boyfriends' BS is wearing really thin since she's had six in six years (what beautiful, successful, insanely rich girl between eighteen and twenty-four doesn't?) but all this proves is that she's totally adorable in every single shot. Taylor is a gem.

Free britney
@ OfAlaska

Well said! We love to poke fun a little with lists like this but it's meant to be a reflection of how endearing and normal she is.

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