Zac Efron Fall: Lack of 911 Call Raises Questions

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Zac Efron broke his jaw and gashed up his face so badly that he required stitches and his jaw is now wired shut, yet there was no 911 call after his fall.

No one was notified after the actor fell in a puddle Sunday and hurt himself badly, making the mishap even more puzzling than it had been initially.

Given that Zac Efron was in rehab twice this year for cocaine abuse, and has also had problems with Molly, staying sober has not been easy for him.

It's strange that any injury or freak accident bad enough to warrant the kind of treatment he received didn't warrant a 911 emergency or a call for help.

Also, the puddle-slipping excuse - with the water allegedly pooling up outside his front door - and Efron landing on his mouth seems a little far-fetched.

While it's not clear if anything suspicious is going on, or if Zac is again struggling with addiction or if that played into this at all ... it does make you wonder.

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