The Voice Results: Instant Save Madness Ensues, Two Singers Cut

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Last night on The Voice results show, the NBC hit cut loose two of its top 12 singers, with the aid of the new, crazy twist to an already complicated format:

The Instant Save.

Who did America send to the bottom three and who did viewers rescue via Twitter in the final five minutes (seriously) of The Voice results show?

The Voice Season Five Cast Photo

It's not clear if the results are read in order of votes, but the first artists declared safe were Team Cee Lo's Caroline Pennell and Team Xtina's Matthew Schuler. 

Also safe: Team Blake's Austin Jenckes; Team Adam's Tessanne Chin; Team Christina's Jacquie Lee; Team Blake's Cole Vosbury; Team Adam's Will Champlin.

That left five, of which Team Blake's Ray Boudreax and Team Adam's James Wolpert were then saved. So the bottom three singers were the following:

  1. Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo)
  2. Jonny Gray (Team Cee Lo)
  3. Josh Logan (Team Christina)

The show cut to commercial break to allow America to tweet their hearts out in order to save one of the three singers from going home within minutes.

When Carson Daly returned, he announced that Jonny Gray finished third, and Josh Logan second. They're out. Kat Robichaud got the Instant Save.

Do you like the new twist? Did Kat deserve the save? And are you happy with the top 10 that made it through overall? Sound off on The Voice below!


Tweets and phone saves make no difference to results-iTunes purchases determine winners-probably the best system and most fair.


I thought I was watching a "live event". When it was time to vote there was a banner that said "voting closed. Show previously recorded". This was lame.


Matthew Schuler is no great singer. America is very bias an I think you know where this vote came from.

@ stevieb

Always the race card get over it!!!!!!!


I don't tweet. Have no interest in tweeting. Does that mean they don't want me watching the show?


jonny gray deservedto stay


When is a vote not a vote? When producers at the Voice allow a small faction of Tweeters to upend a voting process which we learn last night never truly closes. This time, Tweeters save the more deserving contestant. But sooner or later, a contestant who finished above the bottom two is going to be bypassed by this ridiculous Tweeting mayhem. I've sort of lost my confidence in the integrity of The Vote.

@ jerseyfinn

Jonny Gray should have beat Kat, but iTunes has him lower than Kat-tweets at end of show didn't change anything. Jonny was in my final 3, apparently not American's.