The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Date From Hell

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta made us wonder if it was "Too Late to Apollo-Gize" or if anyone was even bothering to try? We recap all the half truths and straight out lies in our THG +/- review.

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    two thumps up to the person that said Phaedra's husband picked up Kenya last year and jumped in the pool with her, ok, I would have check her and him right then. Phaedra, is all talk behind someone back, who the hell do Kandi think she is, you have never been married, and your daughter's father has another family taking care of his other children, it's not about the money, it's about he does not have anything to do with her daughter, maybe he don't thinks she's his. Anyway, Kandi's mother is a piece of work, she needs to get a life of her own, she is so worried about Kandi's money, I think it's sick, because she's afraid that Todd might get half or 25% of her money. Kandi's a looser, I don't like her, no class, she can't dress, the mansion is beautiful, but at the end of the day, her mother is not going to live forever, and she needs to let this girl get married and stay the hell out of her business. Just be a mom, long as he's not hitting on her and cursing her out, and miss treating Kandi, shut the hell up. I wish they would take her mother off the show, and Porche, send them both packing, oh by the Phaedra and Apoll too, We need some for real, classy Atlanta Housewives.


    Kenya . needs to leave the show.she has break the code. the g.code.


    Kandi's Mother is a Joke for a mother, she makes me so mad as a woman it is sickening. if the table was turn and Todd had the money she would have love the money so much she would have by pass any problems in the relationship with her daughter and Todd if there was any. If you all love Kandi, trust her choice, love her man and stop looking out for your all own interest and try to appreciate her for finding love. Love does not come with a multimillion dollar check book, otherwise we all at sometime be a multimillionaire.

    Kandi is not a fool, look her far she came by her own hard work. it seems that Kandi's Mother, I am not saying that to be rude but just as I see it. Stop trying to choose a multimillion dollar wallet for your daughter and let her enjoy her man, you had yours and your child or children, leave her, let her have her own.
    Mothers like you cannot see pass a man pocket book. if you want a multimillionaire go get one, stop trying to have your daughter fulfill your fantasy. Todd is such a wonderful and cool guy, He has not disrespect you or your daughter. another thing, stop trying to run your daughter home from yours. The most despicable thing Kandi mother is doing now that may cause great problem in her daughters life is ridiculing Todd in front of her granddaughter, that is a dirty low grandma. stop, stop, stop. stop now


    Phaedra should have been concerned last season when Apollo picked up Kenya and was twirling her around on his back but she didn't Check her husband then. I knew then Apollo liked Kenya cuz u shouldn't be picking up another woman and throwing her over Ur back twirling her around while Ur Wife Watches


    Why are there never any pluses on the Atlanta posts? Seems purposely racial!

    @ Huh!

    True sister, nothing was said then why now, these housewives are too much


    The therapist did not question Porsha why she married APOLLO, she questioned why she married Kordell. Do you idiots EVER double check your work?!


    what about the vacuum cleaner?

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