Savanna Harris Todd, S.C. Girl Kidnapped as Baby, Found 19 Years Later

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Savanna Harris Todd, a South Carolina girl kidnapped by her mother when she was just 10 months old, has been found alive in Australia, 19 years later.

She is now 20 and living under the name Samantha Geldenhuys.

Savannah appeared at her mother's side in court on Wednesday of last week, holding a sign that said, "We love you, Mom," according to reports.

Todd was living a “safe, healthy and otherwise living a normal life” in Queensland, U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said in a statement regarding the development.

Her mother, Dorothy Lee Barnett, was charged with international parental kidnapping and two counts of false statements in a passport application.

She was captured back on November 4 following a joint investigation by Australian federal police and the FBI, ending a bizarre, two-decade saga.

In 1994, a South Carolina court gave custody of Todd to her father, determining that Barnett had bipolar disorder. But rather than give her child up, she fled.

For nearly 20 years, mother and child lived on the run, moving around under assumed names in South Africa, New Zealand, and finally, Australia.

Jim Arnold, who was chief of police in Isle of Palms, S.C., at the time of the abduction, said he searched the Barnett's home and found it in disarray.

He said there were crawl spaces in closets and maps of cities and escape routes highlighted, with circles of places outside South Carolina and the U.S.

Barnett is believed to have used a fake passport with help from Children of the Underground, a secret group who helps women stuck in abusive relationships.

She will be extradited to the U.S. to face charges.


That is an interesting article. I read the FBI reports every week and never seen that one. Maybe you all should read them too of the newest categories every week, as your writers dont seem to know who the real criminals are, and like most of the media in a fantasy world.

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@ Marsha Bastian

This rich man from a well known family in SC spread a lot of money around to make sure he got custody of his child that he originally wanted aborted (until he realized how much money he would be paying to divorce his wife and give her child support.) Hired multiple private detectives and shrinks to set up a smear campaign against her. His shrinks said she had a "variant of bi-polar" but HER shrinks said she was not mentally ill. The judge was a well known pro-mother keeps baby advocate but suddenly turns against the mom after dad's p.i.s claimed she was having sex with 6 men in the months after the baby was born. This woman must have more energy than the energizer bunny. Getting over having a baby, breastfeeding and caring for a new baby while having that much sex is a little much to believe. (Did I mention Todd's reputation in town was as a ladies man?) He also claimed she drank to excess. Then a couple of days before the trial ends, Todd offers to share custody with Barnett even after painting her as unfit!! Why would he do that if she really was unfit? She declines and suddenly, out of nowhere, the judge surprises everyone by giving the husband full custody. Why? Well, apparently he doesn't like aduletresses which is what Todd was aiming for. (Don't see any place where these 6 men were in court to testify against Barnett and this "adultery is after Todd moved out and both had filed for divorce so not technically adultery. Did anyone else notice none of the new articles says a thing about the $50million civil suit Todd filed against Barnett, her friends and her mom in 1999 (he won but got no money obviously)? He claims he's broke because of all the money he spent on the divorce and detectives - and - oh trying to find Barnett. Yet he lives in a VERY exclusive area of South Carolina with million dollar and up homes. On a piddly 9 acre estate. Amazingly Barnett never showed any of her erratic behavior around anyone but him and never after she took off. She not only raised one child but two children well. How does a severely mentally unfit alcoholic mom do that? And why did Morton who discovered who Barnett was not call the ANY authorities but instead called Todd himself? Hoping for or getting a reward? Whole thing stinks of wrongness. I believe Barnett's assertion that this man is evil. I hope his daughter stays thousands of miles away from him before he ruins her life too.


.........don't know much about history?
the same problem with biology.