Samantha Scheibe: George Zimmerman Pointed a SHOTGUN at Me! [911 Calls]

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George Zimmerman's girlfriend Samantha Scheibe lost it after he allegedly pointed a shotgun at her face and broke a bunch of her stuff on Monday.

Scheibe's dramatic 911 call - placed before Zimmerman was arrested for the domestic dispute - can be heard below. She was clearly pretty freaked:

Scheibe says Zimmerman pointed a DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN at her and shoved her out of the house. The Seminole County Sheriff corroborates this.

She called 911 in middle of their argument, shouting at the dispatcher while yelling at Zimmerman. Then, once police arrived, George placed his own 911 call.

At that point, Zimmerman says his girlfriend is "going crazy" and is PREGNANT with their child. He says he called 911 so ... everyone would know the truth.

If that sounds strange, the call itself is even more so:

According to George, Samantha was the one who "went crazy" after he agreed that the couple would part ways and she would raise the baby alone.

This was her idea, and he just agreed, then she lost it - says Zimmerman.

According to the police report, Scheibe told officers that she and Zimmerman were arguing, and when she asked him to leave, he began to break stiff.

She told cops that Zimmerman also began packing up his things, which included a shotgun and an assault rifle, but soon enough, the feud escalated.

At that point, Zimmerman took the shotgun out of its case and when she said she'd call the cops, aimed at her and asked if she really wanted to do that.

He then allegedly smashed a glass coffee table with the butt of the gun, shoved her outside of the house and barricaded the front door behind her.

Police eventually forced their way into the house and placed Zimmerman under arrest. The domestic violence arrest he was booked for is listed as a felony.

Zimmerman, famously acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin, is not eligible for bail and is currently being held in a single cell for his own protection.

He and wife Shellie Zimmerman separated a few months ago.


I do believe it happened. I also believe her and her mom scouting paid interviews 3 weeks prior will severely hamper the prosecutions case. Honestly, she sounds as unstable as he is. Her leaving him (who leaves a rental the abusers is Allowed to live in and leaves him there to begin with? And going back is text book donestic abuse. So to her staying with him thinking she can help him and things will get better. I have a real problem with hrs statements regarding his attemted suicides. Who finds their partner having overdosed on sleeping pills and doesn't call 911? Who watches them put a gun in their mouth and calmly sits by and talks them out of it? And keeps them in the home where your child lives? I am tired of hearing the name GZ and my wish is for him, and his multitude of problems to just fade away


Shes a dumb bitch for getting involved with him anyways


he wanted to protect his family again?


Ok...I'm NOT a Zimmerman fan BUT her story sounds far fetched like she is just mad at him and now getting her revenge

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