Pre-K Teacher Sends Home Note to Parents: Your Kids Smell Rank!

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A number of parents at a Buffalo, N.Y., school are far from pleased after a pre-kindergarten teacher sent a note home regarding some of her students.

Specifically, her “unclean and unkept” students.

Sharon D. Perry Dunnigan claims the kids' “soiled, stained, or dirty clothes” makes it "difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them.”

The note, which called the issue a “health and safety concern” and asked BUILD Academy parents to sign and return, sparked a number of complaints.

The veteran teacher is now barred from sending letters home without school approval, while parents are calling for further disciplinary action against her.

Parent Kimberly Wells is among those against the note and its author:

“That’s not right, that’s not what we’re in school for. She could have called a parent on the phone, she could have had a meeting at the school face-to-face.”

However, not everyone agrees that Dunnigan was in the wrong here.

Stinky Kid Note

“You know what? I can't say I blame her. Kids should be clean when they go to school. Period,” The Stir blogger Jeanne Sager wrote in her defense.

Conservative blogger Samuel Gonzalez also chimed in on the story:

“If some parents don’t have the good sense to take better care of their kids, then all the other parents should know about it ... the health of their kids is at risk too by other dirty smelly kids."

"Who knows what diseases they could spread in those conditions?”

What do you think of the teacher's note: Right or wrong?


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I think its wrong in away not everybody has the money to run water or what not. So if the child isn't clean they shouldn't get an education is what it sounds like some of you are saying. Now that is wrong too say.


I feel that as it is the teachers job to teach school it is the parents duty to teach basic hygiene. My daughter is 16 an there was a girl that sat in the row over. Every day my daughter told me how he odor distracted her. So yeah thats a distraction for others and im sure the one who is unkept feels unhqppy too...


I feel that as it is the teachers job to teach school it is the parents duty to teach basic hygiene. My daughter is 16 an there was a girl that sat in the row over. Every day my daughter told me how he odor distracted her. So yeah thats a distraction for others and im sure the one who is unkept feels unhqppy too...


It is the parents duty to keep their kids clean, but in some cases its harder for some! She should've talked too each parent about the issue, she doesn't know what their home situation is, nd for her to js assume they're not cleaning them on purpose is js bullshit! If she "can't stand to b by them" then she doesn't deserve to b a Fricken teacher! Her job is to teach the children how to b humble/share/nd help develop their young minds NOT to show them how soon society will shove them down in disgust & walk away! This teacher should've been fired!!! Obviously she's lost sight of what her role is as a teacher! This js disgusts me! I'm soo glad our school system is now involved in bullying our young children, js what this world needs!!!


Point blank, take care of YOUR CHILDREN. You wouldn't like it if the co-worker that sat in the cubicle next to you came in every day smelling like shit and ass, so don't expect for others to be subjected to it either. And it is child abuse to neglect your children of basic human needs such as a bath everyday.

@ Monica Marisa Lugo

she should NOT be fired i wouldnt wanna touch a kid that was filthy and stunk she has ever right to say what she said im sure the other kids dont enjoy sitting next to them smelling i know i wouldnt and i sure as hell wouldnt want my son touching a dirty stinking kid and getting whatever funk they had on them, what about impitagio from being dirty lets spread that around, and maybe a little head lice while your at it. u are wrong ariley_13


The children are in Pre-K and have little to no understanding of how to keep themselves clean. It is absolutely the parents' duties to keep their children clean. As for those who think that this is "scarring" the young children, most of us can't even remember our pre-school years (I mean, we were only 3 or 4!!) and I doubt these children will remember, understand, or even care many years down the road.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. If you don't have enough common sense to make sure your kids are clean before sending them to school maybe you should rethink your priorities. What is that teaching the child? Hygiene is so important and starting kids off when they are young gets them into healthy habits as they grow older. Not only healthy habits are taught, but self confidence. I am sure these children get bullied for not smelling so great. This teacher is doing these kids a favor. She sent it home with the whole class, not just the smelly ones. If i were to get this note, i would not be offended in the least. It is the parents who are feeling ashamed or embarrassed that are making (excuse the pun) a stink about it. I can not imagine the people who make sure their child is ready for school are the ones complaining.


They are lucky that she sent home a note she could have reported it to children services if they are coming in daily like that. What parent does that and the ones who do deserve to be put on the spot maybe they will do the right thing I say good job


Honestly... If it was just one kid, I feel like she would have called that particular parent. However... Its probably more than one child, which means she had to send the note home.. I dont blame her. If the parents are getting angry, then its probably because they feel guilty for sending their kids that way and someone was telling them the truth.