Paula Deen Accused of Using Child Labor, Unsafe Working Conditions to Make Lifestyle Products

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Paula Deen, the Butter Queen, is making headlines once again as reports that the factories she used to manufacture her lifestyle products were notorious for child labor violations and hazardous and deadly working conditions.

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    I got as far as the third sentence in this article before realizing it is just another vilify-the-rich-and-successful piece. Disgusting. Interesting timing, too. Just as Ms. Deen is about to open a new store. Better jump on that quick and keep her beat down.


    Seriously, it truly amazes me that you actually think you are a reporter. We no longer have ethical journalism in this country. It is all about smear campaigns. I got new for you, all of the Food Network stars have skeletons in their closet. Rachael Ray's products are made by the same damn company so are many of the other products of Food Network Stars. I no longer watch Food Network and after this blatant pack of lies I will be unsubscribing to your so called news outlet as well. Perhaps you should revisit the code of ethics for journalism, if you ever read them at all.


    Why not report on all the children that are getting killed in our cities. This is bs reporting. Go get a real job


    You have no better news to report than trash like this. Report all celebrities that have products made there. How about Disney, toys that will be made this Christmas, clothes made by very famous people of all races. Reporting is supposed to be for telling the truth to people that do not know it not just your version of it. You are guilty of more so than Paula Deen. Reporting partial rather whole for your own personal gain makes you guilty of the same.


    Why didn't you name ALL the chefs on Food Network?????? Their products are made the same way!!!! What kind of reporting is this???


    There will always be people who pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make something special of their lives and, sadly , those who don't but instead dedicate themselves to bringing down the worlds achievers . Paula Deen has not had an easy life and yet she's not sitting at home on welfare and watching Oprah. She has worked hard for every one of her numerous accomplishments.I sincerely hope she doesn't capitulate to the thought police and stays her perky and quirky self! I, for one will drive out to buffalo to visit her new store when it opens.

    @ Susanacknair

    Good for you....and well said!


    Well Alice Walton - Walmart heir ran over and killed someone and been arrested for Drinking and Driving numerous times, and Walmart is still thriving so Paula should be too.


    Before you get all hot and bothered and drag Paula into another mess let me remind you that Philip Morris; Walmart, Victoria's Secret and others use other countries to make their products; many of which use child labor. These companies use them because these kids NEED to support their families and if they used only American labor; you'd not be able to afford the price. GET OVER YOURSELF!


    The same company makes Rachel Rays products yet she is not being attacked.


    This woman is white and from the south AND THAT'S WTF THIS IS ALL ABOUT! BLACK WITCHES LIKE OPRAH SAY THAT OLDER WHITES FROM THE SOUTH ......JUST NEED TO DIE- that black bitch remains untouched! There is much racism today and it's against whites in the SOUTH! No 2 ways about it.

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