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Christina McLarty is pregnant. That's David Arquette's girlfriend. They've been together on and off for the past few years. She is currently four months along!

David and Christina McLarty got together after his split from Courteney Cox, then broke up in 2012, then got back together again ... and now the baby.

Multiple sources have confirmed the pregnancy, according to TMZ.

Arquette, the father of a nine-year-old daughter, has been boasting to the crew of the movie he's shooting in Vancouver that he's going to be a dad again.

Previously, she was fake-married to Joe Francis. There was a wedding and stuff, but it was in Mexico and not actually legal. Then they broke up.

Dodged a bullet, CM.

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Famed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has died at the age of 54, according to multiple reports. He was found unresponsive at his North Side home this morning.

Trotter was taken in critical condition to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. The renowned chef was reportedly found by his son, Dylan.

The Trotter's family friend, Carrie Nahabedian, confirmed his death today.

"My baby's gone," Trotter's wife, Rochelle said, according to Nahabedian.

Charlie Trotter's, long considered one of the best restaurants in the world, saw several renowned chefs (Graham Elliott, Homaro Cantu and Grant Achatz) work under him.

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici want you to save the date for their wedding: January 26, 2014 on ABC! They've got a Save the Date card to remind you, too.

Three weeks into the new season of The Bachelor (see The Bachelor spoilers for all the details on Juan Pablo's journey), Sean and Cat will tie the knot.

The card amusingly reads:

Sean Lowe Save the Date Card

"Lovers, friends, family and Jack Nicholson, please join Catherine Ligaya Mejia Giudici and Sean Thomas Lowe & Hologram Tupac for the wedding of the century."

Jack and 'Pac aren't actually going ... we don't think. Still, well played.

The back of the announcement features the bride and groom in his-and-hers bear heads, riding a bike with roses in the basket and tin cans trailing behind them.

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It's safe to say Miley Cyrus does not think she needs help.

A few days after In Touch Weekly published a scathing cover story on the singer - saying she needs therapy and is sleeping around and can't stop crying - the 20-year old made sure she got the last laugh.

By using the magazine as her new Twitter profile photo! Well played, Miles.

Cyrus doesn't seem remotely fazed by the negative press.

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It's the question on the minds of gamers everywhere:

Can Megan Fox be any hotter in the latest commercial for Call Of Duty Ghosts?!? No, wait. That's not it. This is:

Can Call Of Duty Ghosts out-earn the ridiculous $800 million haul made by Grand Theft Auto 5 in its first 24 hours of release?

That video game has already climbed well past the $1 billion mark globally, setting the bar incredibly high for Call Of Duty Ghosts, which went on sale today at midnight.

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This is nothing short of an incredible video and story.

On Saturday, two airplanes were flying approximately 12,000 feet over Wisconsin, carrying a total of 11 skydivers between them before things went haywire.

With a handful of these individuals preparing to jump, one Cessna collided into another, causing a fiery mess of debris and prompting all 11 skydivers to leap into the air.

Thankfully, all survived and, perhaps more astonishingly, a pilot somehow managed to navigate one of the airplanes safely back onto the ground.

NBC has the exclusive footage, taken by the skydivers themselves, below.

See the raw video after the jump and prepare to be amazed ...

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Lady Gaga and her longtime manager Troy Carter have parted ways, according to a new report. The duo has been together since her rise to fame in 2007.

Neither camp has confirmed the split, but it could be one explanation for Gaga's YouTube Music Awards performance, which was raw and filled with tears.

The duo's working relationship involved a pretty even split between creative and business, with Gaga controlling most of her brand's creative decisions.

Carter handled the business end, and together, along with Vince Herbert, her A&R handler, the pop star sold upward of 20 million albums worldwide.

Her new album, ARTPOP, comes out November 11.

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The nominations are in!

On January 8, CBS will air the 2014 People's Choice Awards, a ceremony that covers the very best most popular in movies, music and television.

Voting is now open across a number of online platforms and will close at 11:59 p.m. EST on December 5.

So hurry up and let your voice be heard across the following categories...

2014 PCAs

Favorite Movie
Despicable Me 2
Fast & Furious 6
Iron Man 3
Monsters University
Star Trek Into Darkness

Favorite Movie Actor
Channing Tatum
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio
Robert Downey Jr.

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Yadina Indira Morales, a Maryland mom who was breastfeeding her baby while highly intoxicated, has been charged with manslaughter after the infant died.

Officials say Morales was both breastfeeding and "highly intoxicated," which led to her two-month-old being found unresponsive, unable to be revived.

The alcohol in her system was only part of the story here. Cops say Morales passed out while breastfeeding and that the baby was found underneath her.

She's since been charged with manslaughter, second-degree child abuse, reckless endangerment, and other lesser charges as a result of her actions.

This was not her first involvement with the law, either.

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Today is the 5th of November ... which some say you should always remember, remember. That's because it's Guy Fawkes Night! Also known as Guy Fawkes Day!

The annual commemoration observed on the fifth of November, primarily in Great Britain, has also become Bonfire Night and Firework Night over the years.

Its history begins with the crazy events of November 5, 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the famed Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives.

The plotters had placed the materials beneath the House of Lords in an attempt to kill King James I, but the monarch survived the attempt on his life.

We know ... thank goodness.

As a result, people lit bonfires around London, and the introduction of the Observance of 5th November Act enforced an annual public day of celebration.

The more you know.

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