YouTube sensation Andrew Huang is making viral headlines this week for writing and performing a rap song without even one time using the letter "e."

To put that in perspective, in the sentence above, we used "e" 16 times! Sixteen! How could you ever pull it off for an entire song? In a word-dominated genre?

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Justin Bieber may be done with Brazil, but Brazil is not done with Justin Bieber.

A few days after the singer departed that nation to continue his "Believe" tour elsewhere, authorities have officially charged the 19-year old with vandalism.

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Forget the old saying "one foot in the grave." This Brazilian man's whole body was placed in one, only he was not yet deceased as previously believed.

After being buried alive, he attempted to claw his way out, succeeding to the point where he got someone's attention in a scene straight out of a horror film.

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