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An elk jumps on a trampoline in the following video.

Is there anything else you need to know in order to watch? We didn't think so...

Okay, some background:

The video was filmed by a guy named Greg Chase in Evergreen, Colorado - and, incredibly, this is his family's backyard!

He posted the video on Facebook and wrote that he and his wife were simply sitting down for a morning cup of coffee when this hilarious situation ensued.

It's a far more welcome animal invasion than the one experienced by a woman this month in England, as she was attacked by deadly spiders that hatched from her banana.

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Vanessa Carlton is canceling some upcoming tour dates due to her lost pregnancy, the 33-year-old singer surprisingly revealed today on Facebok.

Carlton was "diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, or in my case a fallopian pregnancy (the embryo settled in my tube, which is the width of a straw)."

"This is not considered a viable pregnancy," she adds, the reason being:

Vanessa Carlton Photograph

"Because the fetus cannot develop and it is a high risk situation for the mother because of the potential for tubal rupture and internal bleeding."

Doctors caught it early and took the necessary precautions to make sure everything went smoothly, but a week ago Monday, things went downhill.

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Kylie Jenner has toned things down a bit on Instagram.

A day after showing off way too much cleavage for a 16-year old, the reality star released a new selfie on Tuesday, this one just giving followers a close-up of her legs.

Kylie Jenner, Legs

In fact, the most revealing aspect of the image was not what it depicted - but the message that went along with it.

Posted last night, the shot tagged aspiring musician Harry Hudson and included the caption "♡ always here for you."

We're gonna assume those are Harry's feet pressed up against the soles of Jenner and we're also gonna assume these two are dating.

Hudson is best known for the track "World is Gone" and was unfortunately diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in July. We wish him all the best.

As for Kylie revealing too much on social media? You be the judge ...

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Amber Portwood is now a free woman after spending 17 months behind bars.

Not surprisingly, that freedom comes as a sweet relief to the mother of one.

The first thing she did after her release from prison Monday was reunite with her four-year-old daughter, Leah, with whom she became famous on Teen Mom.

For both girls, it was a long-awaited and joyful moment ...

Amber Portwood, Leah Photos

Amber Portwood was famously sentenced to five years in an Indiana prison for violating probation in her drug possession case in the middle of last year.

She was released years ahead of schedule for good behavior and time served.

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Miley Cyrus, her tongue and her Twerking rear end will soon be coming to a venue near you.

After announcing her Bangerz tour during a cameo on Saturday Night Live two weeks ago, Cyrus has now unveiled the 38 cities that will be graced with her presence in early 2014.

Miley Cyrus Vegas Performance Pic

Is yours among them?

Tickets go on sale November 16 at Live Nation and you can scroll down for a look at all Miley's upcoming tour stops...

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Kris Jenner turned 58 years old yesterday.

And, in honor of the occasion, the woman behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape received some serious love from the woman whose behind is featured in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

"Happy birthday to my mom, momager, and my best friend!" Kim blogged Tuesday afternoon. "You are the strongest woman I know and you inspire me every single day. I am so thankful for you and love you more than I can ever tell you."

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Take heed, LeBron James. You're on notice.

You may be the reigning NBA MVP, a two-time defending champion, and a human highlight reel, but these hoopsters will give you a run for your money.

In terms of online viral video potential, at least.

With the 2013-14 NBA season officially underway this week, a compilation of epic basketball bloopers from the general population only seems appropriate.

If nothing else, it'll remind you how good the pros are.

Check out some of our favorite basketball fails, and try not to hurt yourself - either from sympathy pain or doubling over laughing so hard - as a result ...

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Prepare yourself, Hunger Games fans. Lionsgate has released the first actual clip from Catching Fire.

In the sneak peek, we see Gale (Liam Hemsworth) do his best to motivate a frightened Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), as she fears what will happen if the two best friends don't escape as soon as possible.

"We have to go Gale before they kill us," Katniss pleads. "They will kill us."

But Gale is unfazed, determined to make a rebellious leader out of Katniss yet. Check out the footage now:

This blockbuster opens on November 22 returns Hemsworth, Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as the movie's three main players. Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Alan Ritchson, Woody Harrelson and many more.

Here is a link to the official Catching Fire trailer.

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Three years after going under the knife to get size-F breast implants (along with nine other plastic surgeries in one day), Heidi Montag decided to undo it.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, she's opening up about the surgery and showing off her brand-new C-cup implants, which do look way more human-like.

Lauren Conrad is still prettier, apparently, because Us put her on the Hills retrospective cover, despite the Heidi Montag plastic surgery angle. Sorry, Heidi.

The Hills Us Weekly Cover

Posing seaside in Santa Barbara, Calif., the blonde unveiled her smaller, more-manageable breasts, which she had redone in a six-hour procedure.

Prior to that, she had suffered a number of health problems, all related to her size-F implants, which she says weighed "about three pounds each."

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Liam Hemsworth appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

He talked sex education, Catching Fire, working with Jennifer Lawrence... and did not utter a word about ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus.

First, Hemsworth got a big laugh out of the audience when recounting his experience in high school of being taugh English and sex education - by his mother!

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