Noah Cyrus Shaves Side of Head, Responds to Haters

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Noah Cyrus is making like older sister Miley Cyrus.

No, the 13-year old isn't Twerking with any giant stuffed animals.

But the young star has gotten herself a unique haircut and been forced to defend it against critics around the Internet.

First, the half-shaven hair look:

Now, the hate...

With numerous followers giving Noah a hard time over the 'do, Cyrus took to Instagram and defended herself with a long message.

"Everyone please stop hating on me," she wrote. "I'm my own person I can do whatever I want. Please stop being so mean.

"Do you think I enjoy reading comments tell[ing] me I'm ugly and I'm trying to be someone I'm not when I'm only being myself."

"I can't believe the words people are saying to me right now. Please I beg of you just stop."

Noah Cyrus Shaved Head

Miley, of course, also received serious criticism when she cut and dyed her hair in August 2012, so she knows what her little sister is going through.

What do you think of this look on Noah Cyrus?


she is ashamed for the dumb actions of her older sister?


Noah is a boy's name for starters,so i guess the parents really are screw ups.Note to all of you mothers out there stop naming your damn kids after the opposite gender----YOU DUMB F--KS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does she/he? lol suck black turd pipes like her/his? skank ho sibling???

@ d u m b

My 3 week old daughters name is Devin, do you have a problem with that? Actually I don't care, because I'll name my daughter whatever I want and so will other mothers. It's really none of your goddamn business what people name their kids.

@ Kirsten Hillard

Is she as ugly as Noah ?????

@ Martha Becker

u know it shows ur true personality to call an innocent baby who hasn't done anything ugly seriously i think it was sweet of her mother to name her after her late uncle so mind ur own business it aint ur prob and i am sure that that baby will grow up to be the most beautiful person or at least better than u

@ Martha Becker

No... but I bet you are. And how dare you call a 3 week old baby ugly just because of her name. You are clearly ugly inside and out. I named her Devin after my brother that was killed. Just because they have a boys name doesn't make them ugly.

@ d u m b

You are a fucking retard. It can be for boys or girls. I know plenty of girls with that name so shut the fuck up. And parents can name their kids whatever they want.

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