NCIS Promotes Emily Wickersham as Ziva's Successor

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Emily Wickersham is joining the cast of NCIS as a series regular starting November 19, when she debuts as Ziva's successor, Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop.

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The actress was originally slated to appear in three episodes, with the possibility of being upped to regular status as a full-time replacement for Cote de Pablo.

Producers confirmed today, however, that Wickersham was promoted to NCIS series regular - even before her new character has even been introduced.

"[Emily Wickersham] is proving to perfectly compliment the NCIS team,” said show-runner Gary Glasberg. ”Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious."

"Great things are planned for Bishop and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her,” he added, noting that his intention was never to "replace" Ziva David.

While she will undoubtedly be considered Ziva's successor because of the circumstances, she will be developed into a notable character in her own right.

Calling her "unique and quirky and fun," Glasberg said, "hopefully people embrace her and feel like she is a new element to this group and a new part of moving it forward."

Wickersham, whose first episode airs Tuesday, November 19, fills an empty series regular spot vacated by Cote de Pablo's exit on NCIS Season 11 Episode 2.

CBS calls Bishop "a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism who specializes in international threat assessment."

She'll be introduced when the SecNav is bugged in a security breach that it turns out "Bishop described in exact detail two years ago in a threat analysis report."

"Working side-by-side with Gibbs and the team," the press release states, "Bishop cross-examines the case file to help determine who is behind the crime."

Are you excited for her debut on NCIS?


Don't like Ziva's replacement. Don't want her. Can tell just by looking at her that it wont work. She looks to frail and she makes me want to throw up. I have watched this show for years and watch the reruns over and over and can tell that she wont fit in. I am very upset over this . I hope I don't have to stop watching.


When is the female going to start? Sure do miss Ziva. Why did she leave?


I'm taking a wait and see approach since I'm not familiar with Emily not having watched anything that she was in previously. Cote will be a tough act to follow. Time will tell. That being said, if Emily does a great job it will lessen the loss of Cote somewhat.

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