Mother Defends Child's KKK Costume: It's Family Tradition!

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The girl who wore a Boston Marathon bombing costume for Halloween this year has apologized for her "distasteful" actions.

But the mother who dressed her seven-year old son as a member of the Ku Klux Klan last week? Not so much.

Kid Dressed as KKK Member

Virginia resident Jessica Black tells WHSV that it's a "family tradition" for her loved ones to don this attire for Halloween, explaining that her brother did so when he was in kindergarten… and what's the big deal, anyway?

Is the KKK really so bad?

"It's supposed to be white with white. Black with black. Man with woman and all of that," Black said in defense of the hate group. "That's what the KKK stands for. The KKK every year raises money to donate to the St. Jude's."

They've done some less magnanimous stuff throughout their history as well, of course.

Black said she warned her son that people might say "bad things" if he wore this costume, but he wanted do so regardless because it's "cool."

And, seriously, any good parent knows you just go along with whatever your toddler thinks is cool, right?

There are eight known chapters of the KKK still active in Virginia and Black's neighbors say it's a shame that she isn't teaching her child about the actual actions and beliefs of this group.

"I just think it's really sad that a kid is being taught that," said neighbor Wendi Sprouse. "Because they don't know any better."

What do you think of a seven-year old dressing as a KKK member?


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Isn't haloween supposed to get you into costume with something terrible/disgusing?? Like monster, witch, ghost, evil costumes.
So if the kid wearing that isn't he just want to harass it?
Sometimes I think american just overly sensitive upon something. You like to make a little matter BIG.
Out of topic but, why the people so mean to alive person but when he die, suddenly leave him alone, respect him, and all the beautiful words comes up. Seems american respects dead people more than to a living one.
No need to press the whole family upon some kind of jokes. Have you teach your kids perfectly?! To tell the mother failed as if she teach her son kill and drugs.. Overly sensitive people is annoying!!


I don't have children "Brit", but if I did, I sure as HELL would NOT let them walk around in a KKK outfit dumba$$


U think a mother so supportive of kkk would change her last name... Lol your a pathetic excuse for a mother


Somebody shoulda slapped the mother, and then snatched that pissy kids candy bag!!!


This is wrong. A good parent would be teaching their child about the KKK. They are probably KKK members. No you don't always go along with what your toddler thinks is cool.


I question her education.


As a white person I am offended by this and I can't imagine how a person of color must feel about this. This is terrible.


Take off your mask Alexus- you more than likely voted for a President that at this moment is doing everything to try and reach in the whites pockets and have them
Support blacks thru Healtcare. Whites are being kicked off their insurance and Blaxks are going to get it for free. Damn a kid in a costume! If your going to call it racist then god damn it - CALL IT WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE! Or STFU!

@ Bullsh*t

I TOTALLY agree Bullsh*t!!!!!!!!


STFU!!!!!! Arguing online. Stupidity. Just stop and shut up. Half of you sound like racists and the other half sounds ignorant, uneducated, disrespectful and hateful.Stop.

@ Alexus

I am NOT ignorant OR hateful, uneducated NOR racist!!!! And I am VERY respectful unless someone disrespects me! YOU are the one who sounds like all of those! EVERYONE has the right to their opinion and the right to voice their opinion just as you do. I think this mother needs help. What the hell is she teaching her children if not racism, hate, and disrespect by doing this?

@ Lynn LeClair Peltier

You are ignorant though, and racist by the sound of it too. There's no excuse for being a bigot in the age of information, so please educate yourself.

@ Bailey

Racist? I AM white, but have many Black friends and Asian friends. I don't care if you're red, white, black, or purple with polka dots. If you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. Cased closed! As far as ignorance, I could say the same of you.....

@ Bailey

Beatle Bailey- I think she is dead on. There are sone of us that has yet to drink the Kool Aid. The Black Panthers putting a Bounty on Zimmerman's head and the Justice Department gives them a pass? Obama stands and plays the race card with " If I had a son" in regards to Martin,The public crucifixion of Paula Deen and so many more yet you have the audacity to sit there in your cowardly weak minded way and call someone racist. There is NO excuse for being as pathetic. Useless, vial, soulless, degrading, slimey as you are. You are a emotional starved stupid person who has no self worth and most of all you can't think for yourself. Your a cockroach that hides in the darkness -infected and no use to society at all. You are the cancer in this society.


Family tradition? Ignorance must be a family tradition then.