Miranda Kerr Under Fire For Photoshopped Pic: Intentional or Not?

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Miranda Kerr is under scrutiny after posting an obviously and drastically altered photograph of herself from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show online.

See exhibits A & B below. The photo on the left is of Miranda and some of her hot, fellow supermodel friends at a VS fashion function back in 2012.

The photo on the right? The same image, reposted by Miranda this week in honor of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013, with one difference:

Her ridiculously, computer "enhanced" waist ...

Who knew a photo could lose weight over time? You learn something every day in this business. Maybe her split from Orlando Bloom was just that tough.

Understandably, the Australian beauty is under fire, as many perceived it as an unnecessarily, bafflingly pathetic attempt to make herself look "better."

Considering she is one of the planet's most gorgeous beings, it's amazing that she would send this kind of message to the impressionable, Photoshop-weary public.

Not to mention surprising she'd think no one would notice the obvious change ...

Miranda Kerr Photoshop

UPDATE: Miranda says she had "no idea" the image was doctored. Gasp!

"Hi guys, here is the original VS image!" Kerr posted on Instagram.

"When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls I screen grabbed it off the Internet when I was working in Japan.

"I had no idea it was photoshopped. All good intentions … sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show!"

You buying' it?


Who cares if she photoshopped it herself - as far as I am concerned every shot we are of celebrities is - so what is the difference if it was done by a photographer or her ?


Was the waist of the blonde on the right made larger..?
Not saying she did, but if she really did photoshop it. It's sad. She has such a gorgeous figure, if she feels the need to photoshop her waist.. what about everyone else who isn't even close to a VS model?


I don't care a bit. It's to please your eyes, remember that!!


Did she make the blondes waist larger too? Lol


Actually it is not just her body--although hers is more drastic. Look at the model on the left. Her waist is also altered.


If someone else photo shopped this photo, why is it just HER body that's been retouched and not the other ladies?


I dont know why models who have had children are in the VS Angel show. They dont look sexy,they look desperate to be viewed as sexy with changed body shapes. Nothing was worse then when Heidi Klum debuted her her big ass hips some years ago for a show just weeks after having a child,it didn't look good.It took the magic out of the show for me because it made it so ordinary and
.Alessandria Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes used to be hot but realistically, they're mothers. I don't have children, so when I watch a VS Angels show I want to see women I can relate to. Seeing moms on the catwalk is akin to me taking an interest in maternity wear, there's no point.

@ makenmodel84

....or a hysterectomy if you consider yourself female

@ makenmodel84

You sir are an idiot. And since you feel that way the world doesn't need any continuations of you, so do the world a favor and get yourself a vasectomy.

@ makenmodel84

Whether they are a mom or not that's none of your business. Just because they have children doesn't mean they still can't look good. I have two daughters and everyone constantly tells me they can't believe I am a mother of two because of how good my body looks. I'm willing to bet all the money in my bank account that you either weigh 500 pounds or are anorexic and you puke up your food just to make your pathetic self feel better. It's like @Brynn said mom or not, their bodies are still way better than yours. Get a life.

@ Kirsten+Hillard+

Who cares if they are a mom. They have beautiful bodies and are confident in their own skin. Don't like it? Why don't you get up there and strut your stuff. You clearly do NOT even know what Victoria's Secret even stands for. Victoria's Secret's main goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and sexy no matter what their style, size, or lifestyle. Honestly, If you had not mentioned that they are mothers, I would have NEVER known.

@ makenmodel84

Mom's or not, their bodies are still WAY better than your body!

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