Miley Cyrus: I Am a Total Feminist!

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Miley Cyrus doesn't understand the criticism.


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    Cops are on the take also, watch word ... Bobby , that only RIP Van Winkle would say ... mind your own business . Robert Cartwright


    Miley Cyrus referring to herself as a feminist is offensive to true feminists everywhere. She's doing nothing but keeping women under the same sterotypes that men have tried to keep us in forever. Put your damned clothes back. Taking them off doesn't require strength. Teaching girls to value their minds, their education, to be confident, and have strong values -- that's what a good role model does. Clearly, she's NOT.

    @ Suz



    You can be a feminist and set an example for women to be who they are but do it in a classy manner, not half naked and trashy. I know she is targeting a more adult audience now but really clean up your act little girl.


    I dont think she can spell it much less embody the term. Waving your pussy around to the delight of old men record executives to put money in their pockets is more of a Ho and Pimp situation. a Ho can take control of her body and decisions on her own...but when you have one or several are actually the opposite of a feminist...she does nothing on her own. every move is precisely calculated. she doesnt write a stitch of music either. Chinese Crested puppy...not a cute of the Ugliest Dog entries that cant.control the fact that their tounge hangs out. She is a gutter swamp slut trash ball. no offense to nice gutter swamp sluts.


    She is the surprise shit nugget that shoots out when you fart on the toilet.


    You are a little pig and a poor excuse of a feminist. Go to college and get a women's studies degree and learn what the word may actually mean. Now make sure you stick your tongue out.......


    Feminists are trash.They despise the white man and his culture,they despise children as evidenced by their support for abortion and they just love to smear everyone and everything they don't agree with.Miley Cyrus a stupid little tosser who had no supervision growing up and was raised on internet smut,,,oh and her musik is sheeit.


    just lose the fur .real feminists do
    not wear animal fur.

    @ saschasucksBT

    That is NOT true... Your getting confused with Animal Rights activists.

    @ saschasucksBT

    that's is NOT true.... Your getting confused with Animal Rights activists.


    Being a feminist is believing in womens rights end of discussion.


    Being a feminist is not about being a sexed up piece of I don't know what. It's about being respectful of ones self & proving that women have what it takes. By acting the way she's acting she just proves that women are there for mens pleasure & don't have skills except for when it comes to sex. It's not about being a double standard. It's about about common decency & self respect. Even in places where people don't have normal clothing, women cover there breasts. A woman's breasts are a precious & important part of any human beings life (breastfeeding) why would you want that out & about in the public eye, not protected?

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