Miley Cyrus Lights Up on Stage, Honors Biggie and Tupac at MTV EMAs

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Miley Cyrus made one fashion statement and honored two hip hop legends at the MTV European Music Awards tonight.

In one of her more controversial moves to date, the artist accepted the trophy for Best Video (for "Wrecking Ball"), thanked director Terry Richardson in her speech and then pulled what appeared to be a joint from her purse.

Watch her light it up in this footage from the event:

Yes, the EMAs took place in Amsterdam, where smoking marijuana is legal.

And, no, it's not like we didn't already know Cyrus loves to get high. But still, Miles. Was this really necessary?

On the red carpet of the ceremony, meanwhile, Miley donned an unusual dress that featured close-ups of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

The back of her mini skirt read "Please Stop," a plea for the world to end the violence.

Miley Cyrus on EMAs Red Carpet
Miley Cyrus EMAs Outfit

But this message could also read as a plea from the universe to Miley Cyrus herself:

Please stop the antics. We get it. Point made. You're no longer Hannah Montana.

Can we move on now? Don't you think it's time? You tell us in the comments ...



Smoking a joint when the majority of the audience's age is 13? She should be banned from entering the US. Does anyone even want to read about her antics? She'll be dead within a year from an 'accidental' drug overdose. Remember where you heard it.

@ joenamherst

I hate this bitch as much as he next person does, but you can't overdose from weed lol.

@ joenamherst


@ joenamherst

We can only hope this bozo shithead is dead within a year


I dig her so much ! ask me why ?


This just in, of course she's gonna smoke some herb it's Amsterdam!


It is better for her to stop singing, she is only good at wearing nothing on stage and do the most ridiculous sexual moves. Firstly she does not have a good voice and we all know that, secondly she thinks that doing all those horrible and cheap movements will bring her more fame, then someone should tell her to stop her singing career and just do mini porn video, because it is not her song that shoot up the music chart, it is her skin and her naked body that made the rating shoot high. Such a stupid girl who so desperate want fame in such a way. For sure people remember her but with such cheap title such a pathetic girl,..... Gosh Miley you are such a fool!!


If you have such a big problem with her then why pay attention to it. And Tupac and Biggie aren't "useless" and it's rude to disrespect the dead, doesn't matter what race they are. And by the way, do you think she honestly gives a fuck. She makes millions, while a bunch of 13-16 years walk around worse than her, smoking and drinking more then her, and those whores do it for free. But because they aren't famous, they don't get hateful comments from strangers or judgements from the media. And stop tell her to be HANNAH FUCKING MONTANA, she was acting that's not who she is or probably was, because you have no idea who she was when those cameras were off. If you miss the damn show bad, go buy the dvd. It's stupid to want the 20 to act 13 again. I pretty sure no one is how they were at 13. You sound dumb as fuck. And stop blaming black people for everything, when white people start doing shit and the president. You just sound stupid, not ignorant, just fucking stupid.


Lookey a white SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT w/ a coupla dead n#ggers on her skirt?? Here we have exhibit-A: the typical no good,worthless,20 something white girl who voted for Obozo because like Sandra Fluke Hoe wanted the gov't to pay for her contraceptives,ma pills,bc pills,abortions and every other backwards perversions a stupid white whore can dream prediction is she will be servicing a bunch of snoop-dawg-crack-addict-nghrs under a bridge near Compton babbling about the good ol days when she has a decent white bf who put up with her quirks.

@ hater ade

It is no one that wants to pay attention to her stupid act, it is her who does such over the top behaviour and shock the music industrial. If music needs such acting or behaviour why bother to sing just do movie without and singing. Do you know how much damage will this bring to the younger generation?? You obviously are similar age group as her which explained it all!


ugh! miley please go back to being Hana!

@ jillgivw

naw---it's too late for her to go back. no way but down except she doesn't know it yet.


Could she at least just cover her coochie?


another slut white skank parading around half naked in public and paying tribute to USELESS dead-thug-nikka rappers....this is why white men are abandoning white women in droves....get some class or get left behind


america can't take these clothes, that's why she went to Europe, folks.

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