Miley Cyrus Covers "Summertime Sadness" on BBC Radio One

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Miley Cyrus isn't afraid of controversy, as we know from her lighting up on stage, Twerking with dwarves, licking stuff, getting naked ... or anything Miley Cyrus does.

Nor is she afraid of daring music covers, as she proved on the UK's BBC Radio 1's when she belted out a sultry rendition of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness."

Did she do it justice? Watch her performance below and see what you think:

"Check out my @BBCR1 live lounge cover of Summertime Sadness," she wrote of stripped down, acoustic set for the ballad with two backup singers.

The BBC lounge performance is quite the chilled out departure from Miley Cyrus' MTV EMAs antics, which included smoking a joint on live television.

"No one was expecting it to happen," an insider said of the incident.

"It was just so brazen, so shameless. It was just so uncalled for."

Uncalled for, but nothing to worry about, as marijuana is legal in Amsterdam. As for Cyrus, she could not care less about the backlash she received.

"Sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give AF," she wrote.

Or all the time in life, if you're Miley Cyrus. Not AF given, ever.

Young sex sells, and she knows it (and Jennifer Lawrence called her out on it), riding it to record sales and greater fame and fortune with each passing week.

She's got talent, no doubt about it, and shows gusto as a performer unafraid to go for broke. But is she taking a "Wrecking Ball" to her career long-term?

Will the young fans she caters do eventually abandon her for setting a terrible example, while everyone else tires of the non-stop shenanigans?

You tell us: Is Miley Cyrus the worst role model ever?


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This girl is crazy. Tired of hearing about her. She is doing this all for money and attention. She don't care about the image she is portraying. As long as she gets attention from the public she will continue this behavior.


british people have grace like kate middleton.

@ abe

Ur an idiot! U have room to talk about americans. But it's our troops that rushes to other countries rescue! Everyone's tired of your none sensible comments!