Melissa Bachman Controversy: Is Criticism Over TV Host, Dead Lion Photo Justified? Sexist?

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Melissa Bachman, a Minnesota hunting show host, is causing global controversy, and debate, thanks to picture of herself posing with a lion she killed.

“An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion,” Bachman tweeted along with the photo below. “What a hunt!”

Melissa Bachman, Lion Photo

The response was swift, including Facebook group devoted to “stopping” Melissa Bachman and several petitions, both in the United States and abroad.

“She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on,” one petition from South Africa, where the kill took place, reads.

“We demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its resources.”

Although African lions aren’t considered endangered, conservationists are still up in arms over actions they feel are potentially devastating to the ecosystem.

Hunters tend to prefer the older, dominant males, which can disturb the balance and create potentially devastating infighting problems within the pride.

There's also the fact that even though the big cats aren't endangered, over-hunting could quickly change that - and boasting about it just makes it worse.

Regardless, upon seeing the photo, many incensed Twitter users lost all civility, some tearing Bachman to shreds in crude, misogynistic fashion:

  • @MelissaBachman i would be The first one to shoot at her! You are discusting Melissa praying that God Will make u Pay in THis life
  • @MelissaBachman you are going to die a horrible death, I hope a lion rips your fucking head off you sick c--t
  • @MelissaBachman is a heartless bitch. Hope a pride of lions get their revenge on the cow.
  • @MelissaBachman I would pay money to see a lion tear you apart slowly. Would love to see you suffer.
  • @MelissaBachman You are the worst human .. i hope that you kill himself with your own weapons
  • @MelissaBachman #f--king bitch needs her head blown off and hung on a wall#
  • @MelissaBachman you're a f--king vile human being who serves no purpose on this planet, and to top it off, you're ugly too.
  • @MelissaBachman “I hope that c--t gets vaginal herpes and dies”
  • @MelissaBachman “I want to punch this bi--ch’s teeth out”
  • @MelissaBachman “Someone needs to capture her and break every bone in her body”
  • @MelissaBachman “I hope she gets breast cancer and dies in pain”
  • @MelissaBachman“If I come across her I’ll rip off her f--king face”

Even comedian Ricky Gervais called attention to Bachmann’s tweet:

Gervais Tweet

It begs the question, if Bachman had been a man, surely it would've been controversial, but would she have attracted this same outpouring of abuse?

Some call her “a disgusting disgrace to the human race," “evil," “a monster” and “a blight to civilization” and other harsh but gender neutral terms.

Much of the backlash seems to be female specific, though, focusing on female anatomy and implied sexual promiscuity, just because of her gender.

Do you agree? And what do you think of the pic in general? Tell us:

What do you think of Melissa Bachman's lion-killing photo?

Is criticism of Bachman sexist and misogynistic?


nope, she is just desperate for a rich asshole in america!!


That's just wrong on so many levels . Regardless whether male of female those lions are beautiful creatures and regardless whether they are endangered or not they don't deserve to be hunted. Someone should hunt her the way she did that poor innocent animal !!!


The rifle that idiot is holding should be taken from her, pointed at her head and fired. That makes more sense to me.


I don't like hunting at all of any animal. How can someone kill such a beautiful animal such as a lion and think it's okay. Let alone post it on the fucking internet. She's a disgrace to the human race.

@ Kirsten+Hillard+

I couldn't agree more ! I agree 110% of the way with you.


What a waste!!! It's not like anyone can eat that. What a waste a of beautiful animal. I like to hunt, but I only hunt what I will eat (legal hunting). That is sad.


I hunt also who really cares. It was done LEGALLY! I'm a country bgirl I have grown up hunting with my dad. You have to have very specific permits to do it. There is nothing wrong with it. You have to get permits so it is not over hunted. They are very strict on this especially with big game like a lion. For big game you have to jump through so many hoops. She did it legally people should not be wishing death on her or calling her those names. I believe that is very wrong and being a human being you should never wish that upon another human being. Have a nice day!

@ Kl

KI your crazy too!!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!

@ Mary Jane Davis

One more thing while all Y'all are complaining with something that will never affect you. I'm going to go on and live my life. This weekends hunting season into state. I have my hunting liscense, my permit. And guess what I'm goin to go and shoot a nice white tail buck. Because why? Hunting is my passion I don't care what any of you do so why shoul you care what she does or what I do?? You shouldn't. I wish people in this society would just mind there own business.

@ Kl


@ Mary Jane Davis

There's nothing wrong with it! What's wrong is people saying she should die. I would rather an animal die than a human that's how I was raised. It's not like I hate animals. Animals are my passion if they were not i would not be going to school to be a vet. So if I'm crazy for doing something I love I will just keep in truckin and do what I love and she should do the same.


I hope one of these noble creatures hunt her and sinks their teeth on her throat and


To me, hunting is only okay if ALL of the animal it utilized. If not, and it's just "for the hunt" I do not think that is okay.


They all talk so horrible about her but I'm sure they have no problem eating it. Its legal. Every type of animal has been hunted. Its sad for any animal to get killed but she's not in the wrong. Shes was Amazing woman to go after that big cat!

@ Love

Actually I have a problem with eating lion...


It's disgusting and sad no matter who does it. Honestly, until I saw this article I gave literally no thought to her gender. I was disgusted by her being so proud of killing a beautiful, wild creature. Also, if you can't use proper spelling and grammar then anything you have to say seems to come from a place of pure ignorance.

@ Anon

Who gives a fu*k do u know her. Do u fish, or go hunting? Have u hit anything with ur car? Then ur no better then her. I know if I was given the chance to go on an African hunting trip and had the shot I would take it in a heart beat. And then I would have it stuffed and out in my living room.

@ mommy4228

You are disgusting. I've never killed or ran over an animal in my life. No animal deserves to be killed. You on the other hand.

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