Melissa Bachman Controversy: Is Criticism Over TV Host, Dead Lion Photo Justified? Sexist?

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Melissa Bachman, a Minnesota hunting show host, is causing global controversy, and debate, thanks to picture of herself posing with a lion she killed.

“An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion,” Bachman tweeted along with the photo below. “What a hunt!”

Melissa Bachman, Lion Photo

The response was swift, including Facebook group devoted to “stopping” Melissa Bachman and several petitions, both in the United States and abroad.

“She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation, this country prides itself on,” one petition from South Africa, where the kill took place, reads.

“We demand she no longer be granted access to this country and its resources.”

Although African lions aren’t considered endangered, conservationists are still up in arms over actions they feel are potentially devastating to the ecosystem.

Hunters tend to prefer the older, dominant males, which can disturb the balance and create potentially devastating infighting problems within the pride.

There's also the fact that even though the big cats aren't endangered, over-hunting could quickly change that - and boasting about it just makes it worse.

Regardless, upon seeing the photo, many incensed Twitter users lost all civility, some tearing Bachman to shreds in crude, misogynistic fashion:

  • @MelissaBachman i would be The first one to shoot at her! You are discusting Melissa praying that God Will make u Pay in THis life
  • @MelissaBachman you are going to die a horrible death, I hope a lion rips your fucking head off you sick c--t
  • @MelissaBachman is a heartless bitch. Hope a pride of lions get their revenge on the cow.
  • @MelissaBachman I would pay money to see a lion tear you apart slowly. Would love to see you suffer.
  • @MelissaBachman You are the worst human .. i hope that you kill himself with your own weapons
  • @MelissaBachman #f--king bitch needs her head blown off and hung on a wall#
  • @MelissaBachman you're a f--king vile human being who serves no purpose on this planet, and to top it off, you're ugly too.
  • @MelissaBachman “I hope that c--t gets vaginal herpes and dies”
  • @MelissaBachman “I want to punch this bi--ch’s teeth out”
  • @MelissaBachman “Someone needs to capture her and break every bone in her body”
  • @MelissaBachman “I hope she gets breast cancer and dies in pain”
  • @MelissaBachman“If I come across her I’ll rip off her f--king face”

Even comedian Ricky Gervais called attention to Bachmann’s tweet:

Gervais Tweet

It begs the question, if Bachman had been a man, surely it would've been controversial, but would she have attracted this same outpouring of abuse?

Some call her “a disgusting disgrace to the human race," “evil," “a monster” and “a blight to civilization” and other harsh but gender neutral terms.

Much of the backlash seems to be female specific, though, focusing on female anatomy and implied sexual promiscuity, just because of her gender.

Do you agree? And what do you think of the pic in general? Tell us:

What do you think of Melissa Bachman's lion-killing photo?

Is criticism of Bachman sexist and misogynistic?


What is interesting is the attitude and language of the liberal segment of society that will attack anyone in such a vulgar manner. They seem to think that anything that is not part of their agenda can be attacked in any way including gutter language . Melissa is a success in her field and has earned my admiration and full support.


Looks very similar to this picture: Could it be done tourist souvenir photo with a stuffed Lion?


MALE hunters have killed animals, had tv shows, etc. FOR DECADES. From Fred Bear to Ted Nugent. Whether they eat the meat or not is up to them. Zebras, Lions, Antelope, Baboons. I'm sorry, but it is clearly sexist. Those who rant and rave are making fools of themselves. Society is so superficial. Look inside yourselves and find out where you are REALLY coming from. Is it her success you losers can't handle? It is obvious not just the hunting and killing. Or you would have complained years ago.


I hope that smile is fake.. If she feels happy killing an innocent animal , then something wrong with her character. Idc if your a man or women, you wont be treated differently. Yea,h Lions are not endangered but they are classified as VUNERABLE!.


No, I don't agree with her hunting and killing an animal that won't be used in any way. But people are going absolutely overboard with the tweets, calling her a cunt and a vile human and saying they hope she dies in pain. That's what's truly disgusting here.


Wait a minute. What's going on here? It is legal to hunt lions. They are raised to be hunted on private land. They are not endangered. My husband has hunted game in South Africa. He has a credit card with a picture of him smiling over a kill. No one cares. I think it is a MALE SPORT that men are supposed to do and not women. Veiled sexism. The outpouring of criticism is unjustified. It will hurt the South African economy. The people criticizing are in the wrong: It is legal. Change the laws if you disagree. (Oh yeah, make it illegal for women to hunt!)


Male of female,makes not a dot of difference..The Womans a Grub!!.




"What a hunt"? I would say: "What a stupid hunter!". How many lions remaining there to be hunted? Kill them all! And everything just for fun, to take that damn stupid picture with the poor animal. People are heartless and mostly: brainless. That's all I have to say.



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