LeAnn Rimes Covers Michael Jackson, Looks Kind of Like Hot Mess

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We wouldn't go so far as to call LeAnn Rimes' cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" terrible, but by her standards, it might be a stretch to call it great.

LeAnn is not a bad singer. In fact, she's a tremendous talent.

But she comes off looking like a hot mess in the clip below, to put it mildly. Check out Rimes channeling her inner MJ and see if you agree with that:

Somewhere, Brandi Glanville is cackling to herself.

Because she's probably wasted out of her mind and obsessed with Joanna Krupa's p--sy, of course. Not because she's seen this video of her arch-nemesis.

The good news for Rimes, even after this clip?

She'll always have her Twitter on which to play the victim if any haters get on her case, which will just get more attention. Straight out of the Kim Kardashian playbook.

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T he audio qualify is pretty awful though. Leann is a great singer love or hate her but I'm not at all sure she looks okay in this clip. The sound is bad but she is clearly visible and acting well .. strange. She seemed strange on x factor too. I don't get too wrapped around the tabulated drama that includeS her husband Eddie Cibrian and his ex wife Brandy. But one tabloid rumor that I am starting to believe is that LeAnn has a drinking problem. It looks like either she has drank a lot of alcohol or is taking a lot of pills, or both. she needs to get well somebody on her staff needs to convince her to check into a legitimate rehab center


Oh come on the 'Just say jenn' blog ran this days ago.. Keep up people!