Lamar Odom to Re-Sign With L.A. Clippers?

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Lamar Odom had a two-hour meeting with L.A. Clippers management Friday, perhaps signaling that he may return to the franchise for which he last played.

The 34-year-old power forward, who is still a free agent, did not have his NBA contract renewed by the Clippers after a disappointing season in 2012-13.

He has been battling widely-publicized substance abuse issues as well as marital problems with wife Khloe Kardashian over the past couple of months.

Nothing is on paper yet, but Lamar may get another chance at pro ball yet.

"He's been talking to them for weeks," says a Kardashian family source.

"He's close to signing. They were definitely apprehensive but Lamar has shown huge improvement over the last few weeks and everyone around him believes he's sober."

The L.A. Lakers are also reportedly monitoring Lamar's situation as well.

He has tried to get his life back on track since news of Odom's crack addiction broke over the summer and he was arrested for DUI back in August.

"He has a great support system. It's all up to him at this point. He's the one who can seriously f--k his life up," the source adds. "But he has the tools to stay sober."

"He's well-aware that one more false move could cost him his career."

Odom also struggled with trouble in his four-year marriage to Khloe Kardashian, 29, after infidelity rumors surfaced, and the pair are (or were) living apart.

But they're now in couples counseling, so that's looking up too.

You tell us: Will Lamar take the court in the NBA again?

And Should Khloe take him back after all this?

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Pick up the ball and put down the Wookie Kardashian and crack pipe yo


Why would any team sign a KNOWN crack head? He's not even a good player...


Sign up Klohe for the Raiders. She can play on the O line.


pst: WE "MISS" THE MAN ALREADY, folks!!


I'd assume your publication knows publishing laws? You can't make quotes in an article and not site your sources. Here you quote "He's got a great..." and "He's well aware..." These types of flubs show how inaccurate your reports are. Shame on you!

@ Sue jones

You should be ashamed for taking up space/ in every sense of the word.

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