Kylie Jenner Causes Online Uproar with "Bipolar" Hair Tweet

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Perhaps Kylie Jenner should just stay off Twitter for awhile.

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    People are sick of them and their mouths. And that was before insulting the millions of people who are living and coping with bipolar disorder. Maybe the backlash was too strong for someone who is just a kid, but it's a symptom of American impatience with all the Kardashians and Jenners. They've overstayed their welcome on the American stage and are annoying, truly annoying people now more than anything. Too overdone. Over exposed. Nobody cares for their "public persona/brand" anymore.


    She is sooooo ignorant!!!!! This comment is not very funny for people whose lives have been ruined by the disorder.


    She is racicist against mental illnesses! She needs to be educated about the pervasiveness of these diseases and help with a cure. It's a disease that is plaguing our society and we need to fight, not mock!


    “kylie jenner with her “i’m bipolar” makes me sick,” another member of the Twitter community hissed.

    Jenner has not yet responded to the backlash on her Twitter account and has not removed the tweet.
    A spokesman for the National Alliance of Mental Illness called Jenner’s tweet “inappropriate” and “insensitive,” but added that there might be a teachable moment to be salvaged from the flap.

    “She’s 16. It’s an inappropriate, insensitive expression, but it reflects the need for greater education and understanding about mental illness among all teens. Particularly because most mental illness emerges by age 14,” NAMI spokesman Bob Carolla told TheWrap.

    Suggesting that Jenner could learn from the organization’s Bipolar Disorder Fact Sheet, Carolla further said that Jenner could help to inform others about the condition.

    “When a celebrity unintentionally sticks a foot in their mouth or offends someone, it’s best to apologize and then show sincerity by trying to make amends,” Carolla told TheWrap. “She could make a contribution by learning from the criticism and devoting some effort now to help educate peers. But she has to educate herself first.” taken from The Wrap

    @ robertL

    Racist against something that's not a race?

    @ Disagree

    I replied to the wrong comment. Please forgive me. ;)


    If there even was a Kardashian born to open up for Mandingo meat its her. It's written all over her face.


    The people complaining are obviously off their meds or need to make a drs appt.


    Perhaps if everyone stopped obsessing over everything these idiots so and do, they'd go way!


    so everything will be fake again?


    Geez, all those head cases with bipolar are going be pissed. Personally, I stay away from ppl w that. Always check the medicine cabinet of anyone you're dating!! Trust me. That girl is so stupid for saying that.


    Jeez I'm bipolar and no offended by it. People take shit way too seriously. If you get offended by something on the internet than you need to evaluate your self worth. It's the internet, if you can't take it then get the fuck off it.

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