Kris Jenner: Totally Hooking Up with Ben Flajnik!

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Forget the denials and explanations about how they are "working on projects together."

The new issue of Us Weekly makes it clear: the only thing Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik are working on is each other... naked... in bed. If you know what we mean!

"They started hanging out. It got romantic right away," an insider tells the magazine of Jenner and Flajnik. "They've been hooking up."

Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik Cover

Following 22 years of marriage, Kris announced her separation from Bruce Jenner this summer. No divorce filing is imminent by either side, but each is also free to date whomever he/she desires.

In early October, a source told In Touch Weekly that Jenner was crushing on the former Bachelor star and photos have since surfaced of the two at Ben's winery in California.

But Flajnik swears there is nothing romantic going on.

"Here we go again," he Tweeted last night.

The Bachelor star went on to add, "Hey @usweekly maybe put a call into me once and a while for some fact checking. Sincerely, #TheTruth."

The tabloid actually says it did reach out to the former reality star before running its cover story and he replied via email with the following:

"Oh, jeez, ha. I'm over this."

But is he bending Kris Jenner over a bed? That's the question!

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Skank is exactly what she is!!!! That guy can't be older than any of her grown kids!! Damn,she has the morals of a flea!!! What an example she's setting for the two youngest daughters!!!!! Nasty fat PIG!!!!!!




Good for Kris, Guys do that stuff all the time, so why shouldnt a woman. She is still very nice looking and if she wants to have fun its her perogative.


Gross...just gross she is so old she shouldn't even be having sex..and as for him just. Desperate that's all I can say


Pretty sad this guy has to hit that old, dried-up bag!


...................YOU OLD SKANK!!