Kris Jenner Lies About Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, Says Scandal "Literally" Broke Her

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Kris Jenner appeared this week on "In Bed with Joan," talking to host Joan Rivers about a number of topics related to her family, most notably the time Kim Kardashian got into bed with Ray J.

Yes, Jenner addressed the Kim Kardashian sex tape and admitted she was behind the whole thing!

HA! Just kidding.

Kris claims she "cried myself to sleep" over the video that propelled her daughter to fame, adding nonsensically: "I literally fell apart."

Jenner added that she's sick of being attacked by the tabloids, addressing the editors in these supermarket rags and saying pointedly:

”You should sit on it and rotate because the stuff that you say consistently about the family just isn’t true. I know it’s a fabulous creative writing assignment, but you’ve gotta stop.”

As for those who say Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian have no talent?

“They do have talent because what they set out to do they accomplished,” Kris insists, pointing to her daughters' fashion lines and boutiques.

But back to the Kim Kardashian sex tape claim: Do you buy it? Or do you think Kris was behind its leak?


I totally think Ray j did it


Anyone who doesn't know that Ray j leaked that sex tape for money has been hidden under a rock and should stay there. Ray j did it for money and got mad when he realized he didn't get as much money as Kim cuz by then Kris knew and wasn't settling for anything


You people are mental, which mother would not have been upset about that, you all take this tablid sh*t too far that woman had no reason to have her daughter make a s*x tape and release it, for what? the girl did a stupid thing with her MAN of 5 years and him being the fame wh*re that he is released it got a million dollars for it and Kris had to go in and clean it up, why do you think he never got any money? because he was already paid and he could not go after them, why do you think he is so mad now, because he took a million and Kris went in and cleaned it up and got 5 mil for her daughter, this girl has and had grandparents at the time and other family members she would not have done that especially since she was already integrated in hollywood life, already had a signed contract with E, etc. You people make these ridiculous accusations based on that lying b*tch Mylan Sinanaj claiming that Kris Humphries told her that Kris was behind it, that girl is not a source, she is a lying scumbag. I would have been broken too, none of her kids had been in ANY trouble before that, none of them had so much as a blemish she clearly raised sensible kids so I imagine that was painful. Haters will believe what they want to believe but there are 4 people that know the truth.

@ Shannon

Q. which mother would not have been upset about that,
A. Kris Jenner.

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