Kim Kardashian Flaunts Cleavage, Tiny Waist in New Instagram Photo

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Nice try, Kylie Jenner. Did you really think you could steal the cleavage-based spotlight from your half-sister?

A day after that 16-year old posted provocatively on Instagram, Kim Kardashian has given fans another close look at her post-baby body.

Courtesy of a photo shoot on Monday, Kim posted the following image online this morning, captioning it "Work day" and making us feel guilty for constantly mocking her easy life.

Seriously. Look how hard Kardashian is working, people!

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Shot

Kim, of course, made major headlines a few weeks ago when she unveiled a sexy swimsuit selfie and re-introduced her figure to the universe.

Four days later, Kanye West proposed. How will he react to the latest photograph?!?

Probably with a hilarious rant of some kind.

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Vc blackwell, Kim is so gorgeous that your jealousy makes u assess her so much and look for faults. Guess what, nobody's perfect, not even ms Philippines. But that don mean theyr not pretty. And as for Kim, she's the hottest. Go ahead and zoom all her pictures looking for faults. I wish I was u coz u have so much spare time.


Sorry, I don't see Kim's "tiny waist" And I do notice some bulging above & below the waist.And, OMG, that a$$! Not meant as a criticism as much as an observation. Few women have perfect or great figures. Kim included. Hollywood Life always goes overboard in its exaggerated compliments of the Kardashians for some reason. Kim is attractive but not as much as she once was.Maybe it's due to age or procedures. More significantly, her vanity, shallowness & lack of morals make her even less attractive to me. I feel sorry for her baby. Wealth, though nice, is far from everything. Ask someone on his death bed what's important.


tiny waist? she stuffed herself into that outfit like a sausage. Blech.




The way Kim is so gorgeous, it's actually over for all the haters


Does anybody know what her occupation is?

@ robertL

She invests in dark meat- that's what she does for a living.


hahahahahahahaha, the lips of her mouth are almost as big as her breasts!!


Kim looks fabulous!! Anyone saying otherwise is a hater. Kim's body is back, better than ever!!


Here we go again the Kardashian PR machine is running full force with the aid of Hollywood Gossip.


She's certainly working harder than 'insulting people for a living.' There isn't a single reader here that couldn't make up better cheap shots than whoever wrote this smear.

@ Default+Setteen

And? And? WTF do you expect? You bragging or complaining? She is a tramp and you wonder why the outcry? Have you been in a coma?

@ Get a life

If she were dressed inappropriately or making another sex tape, you'd hear me complaining plenty...but I don't 'hate on command' for some two bit employee who doesn't know the meaning of the word, work. You think it's 'work' to think up insults over somebody that they decree is 'bad' just because they have a small waist? Is she on a wrecking ball naked? Is is dressed like a dominatrix in pasties? I'm no trained monkey to insult on command. Obvious you are.

@ Default+Setteen

Racist? Are you some kind of certifiable nutcase? Where on earth did you get a notion of anything I said being racist? Oh, maybe your mother was a hazelnut and your daddy was an acorn and I'm being racist by calling you a nutcase. Whew. Do you have a drivers license? It's scary to think of you on the road.

@ Default+Setteen

You are nobody- that's who you are with a bit of racist just under the surface- huh? Default alright.