Kim Kardashian "Bound 2" Video GIFs: Going Topless, Straddling Kanye

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have the Internet buzzing once again.

A few months after welcoming North West into the world and a few weeks after getting engaged inside AT&T Park in San Francisco, the betrothed couple stars in the rapper's new Bound 2 music video.

They mostly ride a motorcycle and simulate sex while a topless Kim straddles Kanye. Standard fare, really.

Kim Kardashian Topless on a Motorcycle
Bound 2 Music Video Still
Kim Kardashian Goes Topless for "Bound 2"

And now you can relive this magical video in all its GIF-tastic glory.

Scroll down for action shots of Kim's hair blowing in the wind... Kim half naked and writhing on her man... and Kimye seeming to take to the air in their motorcycle.

Kim Kardashian GIF
Kim and Kanye GIF
Kanye West Music Video GIF
Kim Kardashian Silhouette
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West GIF

Is he riding a hobby horse bike at the supermarket? This is beyond bad


Quite the ho too bad whole family are hos I'm thinking mama also


so kante is 'Pimp' nowaday's?




Why are people making this music video a big deal. It's just a fucking music video. Start writing about real gossip and not dumb shit.


They are both not attractive in the least. I really don't want to see them making out, I'll skip the video, please. I give her a 6 and him a 4.

@ Dbrose

Yeah I bet you're a real 10... get a fucking life.

@ Kirsten+Hillard

HAHA really though, and I agree about the stupid music video

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