Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Are They Living Apart?

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Soon, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may start having a lot of unprotected sex once again, as a new report claims the couple wants to have a second child.

But another new report claims each side will then retire to his or her own home after the lovemaking is complete.

Yes, Kim and Kanye are living apart!

With Kim still residing under her annoying mother's roof in Calabasas, In Touch Weekly writes that West is spending most nights at his house in the Hollywood Hills, about 30 minutes away by car.

How come?

“There’s too much chaos at Kris’ house for Kanye,” Kim’s friend tells the tabloid, detailing how loud things get at Kris Jenner's with baby North West, Kyle and Kendall all taking up residence there.

It doesn't sound like an ideal arrangement, but construction is underway on a mansion Kardashian and West will definitely be sharing in Los Angeles.

"Kanye is working all of the time," another insider tells In Touch, adding that it's not as if the parents don't always see each other. “Kanye will come over to Kris’ for a few hours, but then go back to his place."

And, really, based on what you know about Kris Jenner, can you blame the guy?


Kanye is very insecure he is still grieving over from the unexpected and sudden death of his mother... He could really benefit from grief counseling... Really sad


Wow! is dis english........!


I really don't know how this family can call themselves a family. It appears to me it is a lot of commotion to much for a baby to try to grow up and have a regular childs life. I do not think the couple will ever matty and she is a beautiful girl but not setting any examples for the girls growing up. It is sad when the girls thinking of her as oh well she wasn't married to have a baby and now planning another, I don't feel she is secure enough to care for a baby on her own and what is wrong with her mother? Has she used Bruce fll these years until she got her fame and fortune and now she wants a young love, she needs to go to someone for a good talking too about the birds and Bees. Come on Lady at this point I feel that isn't the correct word for you , I did like you but I feel you aregiving or setting a good example for your daughters or other young or older girls or young ladies. I have twin granddaughters and I hope and pray they don't watch or think any of this stuff all the stars are doing is the correct thing to do. Call me old fashion but my belief has been a mistake can happen once but from then on it is not a mistake and I don't think our tax dollars should have to support these children and their mothers when we had to scrape and work at very small wages being married to take care of our children, you should be putting things out for encouragement to the young and any age women and guys babies are work and not toys. Not everyone has the money to have nannies and money to just go on having babies and planning more before the marriage. Why not just have them be your bridesmaids and by that time maybe they willnknow their Mom and Dad had no common sense.


..........hope so.

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