Khloe Kardashian on Racy Kendall Jenner Photo: Enjoy the Show!

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Khloe Kardashian has a thing for seeing her sisters naked.

With controversy swirling over Kim Kardashian and her topless motorcycle ride in the Kanye West music video for "Bound 2," Khloe went on Australian radio this week and told people to relax.

Just check out those shaking ta-tas, Khloe exclaimed.

Now, with Kendall Jenner also receiving heat for exposing her nipples on Instagram, Kardashian has once again gone on the defensive.

While sounding oddly excited about her half-sister's private parts.

"I love seeing all of these haters comments. Naomi, Kate, Cindy.... All fabulous models.... Models and photographers take beautiful… Artistic images," Khloe Tweeted yesterday, adding:

"And I don't hear you birds chirp then. Sit down and enjoy the view! #SorryNotSorry."

Bruce Jenner has also stood up for his child, while at least not openly encouraging people to ogle her.

"Kendall's a wonderful kid and a great daughter," Jenner wrote on Twitter not long after the following photos went viral.

Kendall Jenner Racy Photo
Kendall Jenner Nipples Alert!

What do you think of these racy images?


leave her alone she is beautiful and she is 18 years old so why make it a big deal out of it? just let her be a Victoria secrets model because that is what she wants to do.


Really who cares at this point....Khloe! wtf are you goinh todo about your husband??? he is embaressing and making a joke out of your family. You need to mKe a public atatement immediayly and force Lamar to rehab, at once. God speed!!!

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