Keeping Up with the Kardashians Christmas Special: A Break from the Crazy

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The Kardashians will celebrate Christmas with an E! special on December 1.

Of course, we already know Kim Kardashian and company actually celebrated Christmas in September when they filmed their upcoming special, not even trying to pretend it took place during the holidays by releasing a few selfies from the set.

So, what can viewers expect from the totally contrived episode?

Home videos. A surprise for Rob Kardashian. And - GASP! - the reveal of the Kardashian Christmas card. Will Kanye West be included this time around?!?

Watch the official trailer here for The Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas...


They can pretend it's Christmas and I'll pretend to watch. Ugh!


I Love Love Love the Kardashians! They are so real when comes to TV! People just need to let them live there lives. Kris is a wonderful mom and I love the girls, they are so real!!!

@ Cheryl

I would love to not smother them, but to meet there Family in person. You do not know what Family is till you see the complete Episodes!


.............kanye "The Christmas Ball"!!

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