Katy Perry American Music Awards Performance: Awesome or Offensive?

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Katy Perry's performance of "Unconditionally" at the American Music Awards had some people scratching their heads and others labeling it offensive.

The star opened the show dressed as a geisha, complete with an elaborate Japanese-style set, which not every viewer loved "Unconditionally."

She said beforehand that she wanted to up her game, with the chance to open, and did she ever. Some felt it racist, though, Tweeting remarks like:

  • I guess Katy Perry really didn't want to be left out of the mind-numbingly ignorant and racist pop-star hall of shame.
  • @katyperry returns to her roots as trite and ignorant in her performance as a "geisha." Brings me back to the days of 'Ur So Gay.' #AMAs

Other fans defended Katy Perry, however, with reactions such as:

  • These claims of Katy Perry's AMA performance being racist are absolutely ridiculous. Appreciation and appropriation of other cultures is ok.
  • It honestly bothers me that people believe @katyperry performance was a racist act. She loves the Japanese culture and japan loves her.

VOTE: Was Katy Perry's AMA performance offensive?


Whoa nelly!!


she's obviously a bigger wh#re then most asian women are,typical white pop skank who is on every cover and yet has the talent of a low iq maggot.

@ lol @ no talent sloots

She have talent. She sing velly good and I buy hewl CDs all the time. Sum ting Wong withs youl eels.


Tis the season to be jorry
Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
Deck the harrs with barrs of horry
Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaaa


It would be offensive if she did it in blackface. Next time she should come out in fur with blackface on her face to make them talk.


Sum ting Wong with that. That was weawwy offensive that she tly to mock people who all flom the olient. What coroll you wan on youl nair?


I think this blog I found perfectly sums up why people think Katy Perry's performance was racist. http://wishwantdream.wordpress...


amaturistic, unless she tried.

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