Kate Upton Plays Flip Cup, OWNS Jimmy Fallon

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Supermodel stunner Kate Upton is so famous at such a young age, the 21-year-old hasn't had a chance to experience a lot of things most of her peers have.

One of those things is flip cup, which Jimmy Fallon introduced to her in a clip from earlier this fall (which is still worth watching now, trust us on this one0.

"I didn't go to college. This is what I missed out on: drinking games," Upton said, responding to Jimmy's challenge and revealing that she's "very competitive."

And skilled. Watch her wipe the floor with him below:

After a rough start with the first cup, Kate Upton plowed through each of the final four to come out on top, then trash talked Jimmy a little bit to boot.

You want some help with yours, man?

Not the best effort from the self-professed flip cup expert, but we'll give the Late Night host a pass. He was, after all, standing across the table from ...

Let's just say you could understand if the guy was a little flustered and off his game. Have you seen that Sports Illustrated video of Kate Upton nude?

Enough said.

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