Kate Middleton: Taking Flying Lessons, Becoming Even More Awesome!

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The Duchess of Cambridge rode the bus and the tube this week in honor of London Poppy Day, but that wasn't the only transportation-related news she made.

Kate Middleton revealed that she has been taking flying lessons, making Prince William's wife even more awesome than previously believed (if that's possible).

The Duchess was taking the bus through London with her husband on Thursday in celebration of Remembrance Day this weekend, when she made the revelation.

The royal mom, whose grandfather, Peter Middleton was a Royal Air Force pilot, said, "My grandfather flew planes... I've had a few lessons on fixed wing (aircraft)."

Why does she want to fly? And where? The 31-year-old Duchess didn't elaborate on either, but how cool is she for picking this up as a spare-time hobby?

Naturally, this revelation has led to much hypothesizing as to what instructor is coaching her. William (who flies helicopters, not fixed-wing planes) is out.

Not only is this not his area of aircraft expertise, but he would prohibited from being in a plane with Kate Middleton at the same time. So no chance there.

This has led the Daily Mail and others to conjecture that Prince Harry (who took fixed-wing lessons himself) is teaching her. Not impossible ... but darn close.

Any Middleton detail is bound to take on a life of its own and spark rumors galore, but the Harry flying lesson one is pretty high up on the ridiculous scale.

Although, the image of Harry blasting music in cockpit while an impeccably dressed Kate sits at his side rolling her eyes with a slight smile is pretty fantastic.

That alone was worth reading this article, no?

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Please stop calling Rememberence Day 'London Poppy Day'. It is a day to remember all those lost in WWI & WWII.


Well she must be SO interested in her new baby, what with flying lessons,parties and a Nanny. I guess if she has an airplane she can really run from being a mother.


she takes me back to the U.S.A. in a SR-71 (blackbird)?