Kate Middleton Smiles, Twirls Hair at Remembrance Ceremony; Peeps Freak Out

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Kate Middleton has a beautiful smile and amazing hair. This much is not in dispute. The circumstances in which both were displayed this week, however?

It's an old rule of celebrity (and perhaps life) that you never allow a smile to cross your lips at a funeral, and some say the Duchess crossed that line.

Making appearance at a Remembrance ceremony, a series of photos showed Kate Middleton absent-mindedly twirling her hair and smiling at Princess Sophie.

Oh, the horror.

While no reports from media outlets covering the event suggest that Kate was heaving inappropriately in the least, the photos drew criticism just the same.

Pictures do have an unfortunate way of speaking volumes, though and to some Britons, these undermined the somber message of Remembrance Day.

There's no way Kate was actually acting disrespectfully or making light of such a thing ... but you can bank on a grim-faced look on her face in 2014.


Creepy bimbo...


Her facial expression is disturbing. She's 32 years old, looks 52 but acts like she's 12. What a smarmy, unintelligent look on that face. She's a creep.


The expression on her face is disturbing. She's 32 years old, looks 52 years and acts 12.


Anything but act like an adult. She's mentally ill, attention seeking and real bore.


...................Christmas is in the air?


THAT my friends, is the look and behavior of a woman who had a GREAT shagging the night before, and is reflecting back on the experience in that moment, if you catch my drift! You go Kate!

@ sas80

Possibility !, because she was trying to come onto Princess Anne's husband there on REmembrance Day, and probably would have done another shag with HIM right there on the balcony, except Anne was too nearby. Balconies are Waity's "thing" as we found out from her buck naked France stunt.


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