Kate Middleton Post-Baby Body: Thinner Than Ever at London Poppy Day!

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Kate Middleton's post-baby body is thinner than ever, as you can clearly see in this photo taken Thursday, which is London Poppy Day. What is her secret?!

With Prince William at her side, the Duchess greeted staff at volunteers at Kensington Palace in London in a long red coat that was belted at the waist.

The outfit emphasized her svelte, slim frame, which is obviously back to its pre-baby shape less than four months after she gave birth to Prince George:

Kate Middleton Post-Baby Figure
Kate Middleton Hair, Smile

For the event, they rode a 1960s-era Routemaster bus, chatting with actress Barbara Windsor and folks from the Royal British Legion Poppy Day Appeal.

We have no idea what that means, but man, Kate Middleton is pretty!

The royal couple's social calendar is filling up fast. They will host a wonderland gala (featuring Taylor Swift!) for homeless charity Centrepoint November 26.

The Duke and Duchess will spend Christmas and Boxing Day holidays with both the royal and Middleton families for baby George's very first Christmas.

Fun fact: London Poppy Day hopes to raise 1 million British pounds in one day for the British Royal Legion. The holiday also marks the end of World War I.

Fun fact #2: As for Kate's enviable figure, a source tells Us that she does yoga with an at-home trainer once a week. She also breastfeeds George.

Fun fact #3: George was christened last month. Which you probably knew. Either way, these Kate Middleton photos with the newborn and family? Amazing.


She's so hideous. So fake, her weird face, the crazy grin.
I read that despite a new ,first born baby she's taking flying lessons now. Had a nanny already, which means she doesn't care for the child as a normal mother would as it was anyway. Now she can REALLY get away from George. Since she doesn't do much work at all, she can't use that excuse. So aside from shopping,getting her hair done,decorating numerous homes, sticking taxpayers with renovation costs...Waity Kate will be staying away from child and duties even more. With the STRESS from all the parties her and Baldy go to, I guess she now needs a plane.
Worthless,pointless and spoiled.
I guess people struggling to survive in England will appreciate this latest crap from Lazy Middleton.


She doesnt look great at all, check her close up pics, and u will be shocked, she looks 45 years, sooo old and rough, that hair is doing her no favours, they are photoshopping her like crazy!!!! U want to see real beauty check princess leitizia of spain, shes slim she looks healthy and is fabulous, and with two kids


So, she's looking stranger all the time. Really strange the way they made sure their wedding coincided with the Beltane period, what a ghastly family.


Waity and her Pimp Mother both use the same diet. It's pretty much well known. I wouldn't be surprised to know though, that she's become an anorexic. And she really didn't have a baby - there was a surrogate. She gained weight in order to help the false pregnancy to look real.


She has a secret.... It is called genes people! Genes!


her secret: EAT EUROPEAN FOOD!!


She looks great! Some think it's impossible to bounce back that well after baby. It does happen! No, it's not photoshop.

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