Kanye West to NYC: Boycott Louis Vuitton!

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Have you stopped laughing yet at James Franco-Seth Rogen's parody of the "Bound 2" music video?

Good. Because Kanye West has a very serious message to send.

Appearing as a guest on 92.3 NOW radio station yesterday, the rapper told the following to residents of The Big Apple, referring to one of the world's biggest designers:

"Everybody in New York City right now, don't buy any Louis Vuitton until after January."

Kanye is peeved that the head of Louis Vuitton, Yves Carcelle refused to meet with him the last time he was in Paris.

And he's trying to teach that woman a lesson here by proving his power.

West has been angry a lot lately because he believes many top players in the fashion industry aren't taking him seriously.

That's why he feels like a slave. That's who he wants to treat him like a god.

What do you think, Big Applers? Will you boycott Louis Vuitton?




Dunning-Kruger. Google it. It will help explain Kanyes personality.


I am fortunate enough that I can afford 3-4 new LV bags per year. I always get a new one for Christmas, but after reading this, I will make a point to get 2 or 3! Why anyone would listen to this egotistical moron is really beyond me!


I don't even believe in a God personally, but I do believe that if others do then there is a God that is very real to them. Everyone has a right to choose what they believe and I fully support everyones beliefs. Having said that, who the HELL DOES THIS IDIOT THINK HE IS??? Not only is he making a mockery of everyones personal beliefs with his comments on a daily basis, he is also, at the same time, trashing everyone else in the entire world. His music is horrible and doesn't even make any sense! All he does is speak words that rhyme. Those words don't make sense when put together. Every interview always has negative things to say about people. This is the man we want our kids to hear? Really? The man who trashes the President, personal friends and even his lady that he "loves"?. There is enough negativity in the world already. Kids are killing each other, committing suicide because of the hateful comments from their peers, enough with the hate, Kayne! People would like you even more if you stopped trying to play God! Instead of spewing hateful words when someone asks you a question try being the better man and just smiling as you walk away. You are NOT a God in anyones eyes and and you never will be. Grow up already! If you want to leave behind a legacy then leave behind one where people will smile when thinking about you, not one where you are hated.


Yves Carcelle is a man...


This guy thinks he's God. He walks around with that stupid frown on his face all the time. I do not see the draw by the younger adults (I'm over 50). Show this fella where he stands and buy all the LV you can for Christmas!


How this MF'er has a following is a mystery. He is ugly beyond repair and his woman is a porn star. He has made his fortune with no talent and his baby momma has accomplished the same. How desperate can a society be for entertainment.


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