Justin Timberlake at the AMAs: Did He Mock Taylor Swift?

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Justin Timberlake took home multiple American Music Awards last night, earning trophies for Best Pop/Rock Male Artist and Best Soul/R&B Artist.

And the singer was SO VERY EXCITED to hear his name announced!!!

In the below, hilarious GIF, we see the acclaimed singer react to one of his victories by going absolutely bonkers in front of none other than Taylor Swift.

But is he actually poking fun at his fellow artist, who often receives criticism for how excitedly shocked she acts every time she wins an award? You decide.

Justin Timberlake Winning GIF

Among other American Music Awards highlights:

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Let's not use the words "friends" so lightly but he is def just having fun with her. No mocking.


Let's not use the words "friends" so lightly but he is def just having fun with her. No mocking.


Of course he having a good time at her expense. She's almost as phony as Kanye


of course NOT.


funny.....I love his temper...


No they are clearly just playing around.


He's not making fun of her at all! Justin and Taylor are good friends, and they are big fans of each other. They were just playing around :D


I doubt it, cause taylor freaks out a second later, don't know maybe..


I that he was just having fun. Not making fun of her! His personality is goofy and he was just being goofy!! And is he was making fun of her at least she knows how to take a joke! And why is this even news worthy! So what if he was beinga goof and teasing Taylor Swift!