Justin Bieber Monkey Art: Is It Racist?

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Justin Bieber is already in trouble with the law for illegally defacing a building in Brazil this week.

And now he's also coming under fire foe what he actually drew on that building.

The 19-year old posted a photo to Instagram yesterday of him putting the finishing touches on a monkey with a nose ring, a lip stud and a necklace.

"This is my escape," Justin wrote as a caption, but critics see it as something far worse than that.

Justin Bieber Monkey Graffiti

They believe the drawing has seriously racist undertones.

"Someone needs to deck him, seriously," wrote a Twitter user upon seeing this picture, while another noted that "he's trying to be Chris Brown," and yet another scolded him:

"Does he think we're all monkeys?"

Bieber clearly has made a lot of recent mistakes - stealing a bicycle from a security guard in Las Vegas? Really, dude?!? - but let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt here.

Do you think this monkey is a racist symbol?

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Omg that is so racist!!! Obviously it's a monkey in blackface and emphasizes the stereotypes of giant lips/muzzles and large nostrils/noses!! That is racist! There better be backlash and not a coverup because he is popular and white. That picture is racist and what's he gonna do next, put a huge Afro and watermelon in his hands?? Shameful.


that looks like obama !!! everything's racist !!! tha's the fun of it !!!

@ (((@))) JOY

Shame on u! That is not Obama, obAma wouldn't even be wearing a nose ring! That is racist because he is black!


nope........Just Another Imported Asshole.

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