Justin Bieber Monkey Art: Is It Racist?

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Justin Bieber is already in trouble with the law for illegally defacing a building in Brazil this week.

And now he's also coming under fire foe what he actually drew on that building.

The 19-year old posted a photo to Instagram yesterday of him putting the finishing touches on a monkey with a nose ring, a lip stud and a necklace.

"This is my escape," Justin wrote as a caption, but critics see it as something far worse than that.

Justin Bieber Monkey Graffiti

They believe the drawing has seriously racist undertones.

"Someone needs to deck him, seriously," wrote a Twitter user upon seeing this picture, while another noted that "he's trying to be Chris Brown," and yet another scolded him:

"Does he think we're all monkeys?"

Bieber clearly has made a lot of recent mistakes - stealing a bicycle from a security guard in Las Vegas? Really, dude?!? - but let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt here.

Do you think this monkey is a racist symbol?


He's an idiot anyways so who cares. Is anyone really surprised by anything this boy does? He's still a child. A few years he will be a nobody.




It isn't Michele obongo, that's messed up. That is racist and it looks like a stupid cartoon. That guy is a wannabe and I can't understand why ppl like his cacophony.


it looks like Michelle Obongo


Should his monkey have been wearing a suit and collar so it could be a white monkey.?


You guys are so annoying.. If Chris brown put up the same damn thing it would be him being a gangster..but since its Justin and he is white he's racist stfu I'm so tired of everything being "racist". Just like the thing with the costumes black person paints on white face= funny, white person paints on black face = racist.

@ Little.+Monster

I agree 100%... It's just a black monkey. Monkey's are black. And he painted it like that to be funny. People need to get a life and STOP making everything out to be racist.


That is very inappropriate. At first glance it looks as if it's supposed to depict a black. It's very inappropriate in these times because it depicts negatively on blacks. What if someone drew an urban chihuahua or urban panda?


Also resembles Keyshawn Johnson....and about every other nfl/nba player weve ever seen in history.....................................................

@ i liks 2 play bakkaball

Blacks don't alllll look alike. Bozo.


Yep totally looks like OB AMA.The only thing missing is the pinochio nose and a bucket of KFC.


Its kinda fucked up how you guys see a monkey and automatically relate it to racism.....who are the real rasist here???.....its just a fucking monkey cus its easy to draw and bieber likes to think hes an street artist just cus he put something up....he aint

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