Joel Osteen Tweets Inspirational Message: Don't Rub it In, Rub it Out!

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On the list of Unintentionally Comedic Moments in Social Media (which someone really should compile), this one from the Rev. Joel Osteen is pretty high up there.

Maybe not quite on the level of Chris Brown Twitter rant or an Anthony Weiner junk pic, but close. Behold, the pastor's pearl of wisdom from last week:

Osteen Tweet

The tweet was quickly deleted, for obvious reasons, but here we are.

Osteen, the best-selling author and pastor of the Lakewood church in Houston, has been the target of online hoaxes in the past. This doesn't appear to be one.

It looks like an unfortunate (or fortunate) choice of words. Nothing more, nothing less. Take away the accidental suggestiveness and it's a nice sentiment.

One that makes you wish you were true friends with Kate Upton.

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Joel Osteen is worth a reported $40 million. Does that qualify him for hell?

@ Hellion

If money is what it took to get to Heaven I'm guessing your ass wouldn't have enough to get too Cincinnati.


maybe if this dumb fuck rubbed one out, he wouldnt tweet such moronic twatty garbage. moron.

@ duh

Listen you picked over skanky atheist bitch- Osteens are good people with a strong following. I realize you anti Christian Obama loving groupies want to make all morality a thing of the past but until it is- STFU! Duh? You sould like a freaking retard from the Title! Ignorant bucket of crap

@ S

S - if your comment above is a representation of "Christian beliefs" then I'd rather hang out in hell. I think you may need to get laid or something.

@ Hellion

From the sound of it- u must be in Hell now! I don't lay claim to being an upstanding Christian but I have met Joel Osteen- 9 years ago and I know what I'm talking about. People have tried to find a crack in his armor for years. Even a black fly attendant tried to slander and sue his wife and even admitted her lie at a later date. Laid? Please! Maybe you need to get off if no other way/ over the phone? Eh? Little snot nosed Pip squeak!